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Akshay Kumar Rathore
(not current staff)
Rathore, A.
Rathore, A.K.
Edpuganti A., Rathore, A.K.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A general study of soft-switching ranges of dual-bridge resonant converters using a modified complex AC analysis approachLi, X.; Rathore, A. 
22013A novel single-reference six-pulse-modulation (SRSPM) technique-based interleaved high-frequency three-phase inverter for fuel cell vehiclesPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
32016Analysis and design of an active stabilizer for a boost power converter systemHuangfu, Y; Pang, S; Nahid-Mobarakeh, B; Rathore, A ; Gao, F; Zhao, D
42012Analysis and design of extended soft-switching current-fed three-phase dc/dc converter with simple modulation technique and magnetizing inductance effectKulothungan, G.; Rathore, A.K. ; Sahoo, S.K. 
52012Analysis and design of interleaved current-fed phase-modulated single-phase unfolding inverterPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
62011Analysis and design of zero-voltage-switching current-fed isolated full-bridge Dc/Dc converterPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
7Jan-2012Analysis, design and experimental results of wide range ZVS active-clamped L-L type current-fed DC/DC converter for fuel cells to utility interfaceRathore, A.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.; Oruganti, R. 
82013Analysis, design, and experimental results of a novel soft-switching snubberless current-fed half-bridge front-end converter-based pv inverterPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
92013Analysis, design, and experimental results of novel snubberless bidirectional naturally clamped ZCS/ZVS current-fed half-bridge DC/DC converter for fuel cell vehiclesRathore, A.K. ; Prasanna, U.R.
102012Analysis, design, and experimental results of softswitching current-fed three-phase isolated dc/dc converter: CCM and DCM modes of operation for auxiliary clamp capacitor currentXuewei, P.; Rathore, A.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.
112011Comparison and performance evaluation of renewable to grid integration schemes: Single-phase high-frequency fuel cells and PV inverters applicationsRathore, A.K. 
122012Comparison of soft-switching voltage-fed and current-fed bi-directional isolated Dc/Dc converters for fuel cell vehiclesRathore, A.K. ; Prasanna, U.R.
132011Comparison of zero-voltage-switching current-fed full-bridge and half-bridge isolated dc/dc converters with active-clampRathore, A.K. ; Li, X.
142013Comparison of ZVS based isolated DC-DC converters for high altitude wind power applicationAdhikari, J.; Rathore, A.K. ; Panda, S.K. 
152014Current-fed interleaved phase-modulated single-phase unfolding inverter: Analysis, design, and experimental resultsPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
162013Extended range ZVS active-clamped current-fed full-bridge isolated DC/DC converter for fuel cell applications: Analysis, design, and experimental resultsPrasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
172015Fundamental switching frequency optimal pulsewidth modulation of medium-voltage nine-level inverterEdpuganti, A.; Rathore, A.K. 
182013Generalized optimal pulsewidth modulation of multilevel inverters for low-switching-frequency control of medium-voltage high-power industrial AC drivesRathore, A.K. ; Holtz, J.; Boller, T.
192013Harnessing high altitude wind power using light gas filled blimpAdhikari, J.; Panda, S.K. ; Rathore, A.K. 
202010High-frequency current-fed fuel cell inverter for residential useRathore, A.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.; Oruganti, R.