Full Name
Chuan Fang Yvonne Su
Su, Y.C.
Su, Yvonne Chuan Fang
Su, Y.C.F.
Su, C.F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2012A plastid DNA phylogeny of Dasymaschalon (Annonaceae) and allied genera: Evidence for generic non-monophyly and the parallel evolutionary loss of inner petalsWang, J.; Thomas, D.C.; Su, C.F. ; Meinke, S.; Chatrou, L.W.; Saunders, R.M.K.
22018Adaptive evolution during the establishment of European avian-like H1N1 influenza A virus in swineJoseph, U; Vijaykrishna, D; Smith, G.J.D ; Su, Y.C.F 
32019Avian influenza A(H9N2) virus in poultry worker, Pakistan, 2015Ali, M; Yaqub, T; Mukhtar, N; Imran, M; Ghafoor, A; Shahid, M.F; Naeem, M; Iqbal, M; Smith, G.J.D ; Su, Y.C.F 
42016Characteristics of acute febrile illness and determinants of illness recovery among adults presenting to Singapore primary care clinicsTun Z.M. ; Moorthy M. ; Linster M. ; Su Y.C.F. ; Coker R.J. ; Ooi E.E. ; Low J.G.-H. ; Smith G.J.D. ; Tam C.C.
52018Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology of Human Parainfluenza Viruses 1-4 in Children from Viet NamLinster, M ; Do, L.A.H; Minh, N.N.Q; Chen, Y; Zhe, Z ; Tuan, T.A; Tuan, H.M; Su, Y.C.F ; Van Doorn, H.R; Moorthy, M; Smith, G.J.D 
62016Evidence for the introduction, reassortment, and persistence of diverse influenza a viruses in AntarcticaHurt, A.C; Su, Y.C.F ; Aban, M; Peck, H; Lau, H; Baas, C; Deng, Y.-M; Spirason, N; Ellström, P; Hernandez, J; Olsen, B; Barr, I.G; Vijaykrishna, D ; Gonzalez-Acuna, D
72009Evolutionary divergence times in the Annonaceae: Evidence of a late Miocene origin of Pseuduvaria in Sundaland with subsequent diversification in New GuineaSu, Y.C.F ; Saunders, R.M.K
826-Mar-2013Functional Monoecy Due to Delayed Anther Dehiscence: A Novel Mechanism in Pseuduvaria mulgraveana (Annonaceae)Pang, C.-C.; Scharaschkin, T.; Su, Y.C.F. ; Saunders, R.M.K.
9Aug-2013Influenza A Virus Migration and Persistence in North American Wild BirdsBahl, J. ; Krauss, S.; Kühnert, D.; Fourment, M. ; Raven, G.; Pryor, S.P.; Niles, L.J.; Danner, A.; Walker, D.; Mendenhall, I.H. ; Su, Y.C.F. ; Dugan, V.G.; Halpin, R.A.; Stockwell, T.B.; Webby, R.J.; Wentworth, D.E.; Drummond, A.J.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Webster, R.G.
102013Multilocus sequence analysis of Treponema denticola strains of diverse originMo, S.; You, M.; Su, Y.C. ; Lacap-Bugler, D.C.; Huo, Y.-B.; Smith, G.J. ; Leung, W.K.; Watt, R.M.
112016Patterns of medication use and factors associated with antibiotic use among adult fever patients at Singapore primary care clinicsTun Z.M. ; Moorthy M. ; Linster M. ; Su Y.C.F. ; Coker R.J. ; Ooi E.E. ; Low J.G.-H. ; Smith G.J.D. ; Tam C.C. 
122015Phylodynamics of H1N1/2009 influenza reveals the transition from host adaptation to immune-driven selectionSu, Y.C.F ; Bahl, J ; Joseph, U; Butt, K.M ; Peck, H.A; Koay, E.S.C ; Oon, L.L.E ; Barr, I.G; Vijaykrishna, D ; Smith, G.J.D 
13Oct-2012Pruning the polyphyletic genus Polyalthia (Annonaceae) and resurrecting the genus MonoonXue, B.; Su, Y.C.F. ; Thomas, D.C.; Saunders, R.M.K.
14Jan-2014Reassessing the taxonomic status of two enigmatic Desmos species (Annonaceae): Morphological and molecular phylogenetic support for a new genus, WangiaGuo, X.; Wang, J.; Xue, B.; Thomas, D.C.; Su, Y.C.F. ; Tan, Y.-H.; Saunders, R.M.K.
152015The contrasting phylodynamics of human inuenza B virusesVijaykrishna, Dhanasekaran ; Holmes E.C.; Joseph U.; Fourment M.; Su, Yvonne Chuan Fang ; Halpin R.; Lee R.T.C.; Deng Y.-M.; Gunalan V.; Lin X.; Stockwell T.B.; Fedorova N.B.; Zhou B.; Spirason N.; Kuuhnert D.; Boskova V.; Stadler T.; Costa
162017The ecology and adaptive evolution of influenza A interspecies transmissionJoseph, U; Su, Y.C.F ; Vijaykrishna, D ; Smith, G.J.D 
172013The recent establishment of North American H10 lineage influenza viruses in Australian wild waterfowl and the evolution of Australian avian influenza virusesVijaykrishna, D. ; Deng, Y.-M.; Su, Y.C.F. ; Fourment, M. ; Iannello, P.; Arzey, G.C.; Hansbro, P.M.; Edla Arzey, K.; Kirkland, P.D.; Warner, S.; O'Riley, K.; Barr, I.G.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Hurt, A.C.