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Wu Pei Chuan
Wu, P.-C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002Cultural dimensions at the individual level of analysis: The cultural orientations frameworkMaznevski, M.L.; Gomez, C.B.; DiStefano, J.J.; Noorderhaven, N.G.; Wu, P.-C. 
2May-2004Cultural values, human resource management practices, and work-related outcomes in TaiwanWu, Pei-Chuan 
32013Going abroad: HR policies, national IR systems, and union activity in foreign subsidiaries of U.S. multinationalsLawler, J.J.; Chang, P.-C.; Hong, W.; Chen, S.-J.; Wu, P.-C. ; Bae, J.
4Jun-2005High performance work systems and firm performance : a cross-cultural comparison in three countriesWu, Pei-Chuan 
52011High-performance work systems in foreign subsidiaries of American multinationals: An institutional modelLawler, J.J.; Chen, S.-J.; Wu, P.-C. ; Bae, J.; Bai, B.
628-Jul-2021Infineum: Creating an inclusive working environment (Teaching Note: 8B21C037)Wu, Pei Chuan ; Thoo, J; Koh, H
7Sep-2010The blurred work-family boundary : a study on overtime work and working from homeSong, Zhaoli ; Wu, Pei Chuan ; Tong, Yew Kuan; Wang, Yongli
82011The impact of expatriate supporting practices and cultural intelligence on cross-cultural adjustment and performance of expatriates in SingaporeWu, P.-C. ; Ang, S.H.
92008The role of personality in relationship closeness, developer assistance, and career successWu, P.-C. ; Foo, M.-D.; Turban, D.B.
102009The role of procedural justice and power distance in the relationship between high performance work systems and employee attitudes: A multilevel perspectiveWu, P.-C. ; Chaturvedi, S.
11Sep-2010When home invades the workplace and work comes home to roost: examining behaviors that cross the work-family boundarySong, Zhaoli ; Tong, Yew Kuan; Wu, Pei Chuan