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Lim Shen Jean
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Lim, S.J.
Lim, Shen Jean
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A proposed minimum skill set for university graduates to meet the informatics needs and challenges of the "-omics" eraTan, T.W. ; Lim, S.J. ; Khan, A.M.; Ranganathan, S. 
21-Sep-2022Radiomics in Urolithiasis: Systematic Review of Current Applications, Limitations, and Future DirectionsLim, Ee Jean ; Castellani, Daniele; So, Wei Zheng; Fong, Khi Yung; Li, Jing Qiu; Tiong, Ho Yee ; Gadzhiev, Nariman; Heng, Chin Tiong ; Teoh, Jeremy Yuen-Chun; Naik, Nithesh; Ghani, Khurshid; Sarica, Kemal; De La Rosette, Jean; Somani, Bhaskar; Gauhar, Vineet
32009Recent advances in computer-aided drug designSong, C.M.; Tong, J.C. ; Lim, S.J. 
42009The implementation of e-learning tools to enhance undergraduate bioinformatics teaching and learning: A case study in the National University of SingaporeLim, S.J. ; Khan, A.M. ; Hu, Y. ; Tan, T.W. ; De, Silva M.; Lim, K.S. ; Tan, C.H. 
521-Jun-2015The psychometric properties of the quantitative-checklist for autism in toddlers (Q-CHAT) as a measure of autistic traits in a community sample of Singaporean infants and toddlersMagiati, Iliana ; Goh, Deborah Amanda ; Lim, Shen Jean ; Gan, Daniel Zheng Qiang; Leong, J. C. L.; Allison, Carrie; Baron-Cohen, Simon B.; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne; Broekman, Birit Froukje Philippien ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Kwek, Kenneth Yung Chiang ; Gluckman, Peter David ; Lim, Sok Bee ; Meaney, Michael J.
62008The value of position-specific scoring matrices for assessment of protein allegenicityLim, S.J. ; Tammi, M.T. ; Tong, J.C. ; Chew, F.T.