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Tan Thiam Chye
(not current staff)
Tan, T.C
Tan, T.-C.
Tan Thiam-Chye
Tan, Thiam-Chye
Tan, T.C.
Tan, Thiam Chye

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1992A high-temperature metallic oxide resistive oxygen sensorLi, N. ; Tan, T.-C. 
2Sep-1998A model for multicomponent biosensing and its application to a dead cell-based BOD biosensorQian, Z.; Tan, T.C. 
3Nov-1988A.c. corrosion of nickel in sulphate solutionsTan, T.C. ; Chin, D.T.
4Aug-1996Activity of the enzyme system in thermally killed Bacillus cellsTan, T.C. ; Qian, Z.R.
51994An amperometric benzene sensor using whole cell Pseudomonas putida ML2Tan, H.-M.; Cheong, S.-P. ; Tan, T.-C. 
6Aug-1995An amperometric carbon monoxide sensor based on the steady-state difference response techniqueTan, Y.; Tan, T.C. 
720-Sep-2002Biosensing efficacy of living and thermally-killed Pseudomonas putida P8Tan, T.C ; Hu, W.
8Sep-1999BOD measurement in the presence of heavy metal ions using a thermally-killed-Bacillus subtilis biosensorQian, Z.; Tan, T.C. 
99-Mar-1999BOD sensors using multi-species living or thermally killed cells of a BODSEED microbial cultureTan, T.C. ; Wu, C.
10Feb-1994Characteristics and modeling of a solid state hydrogen sensorTan, Y.; Tan, T.C. 
11Apr-1988Chemical synthesis and characterization of electroactive and partially soluble polyazuleneNeoh, K.G. ; Kang, E.T. ; Tan, T.C. 
12Mar-1988Chemical synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole-chlorine complexNeoh, K.G. ; Tan, T.C. ; Kang, E.T. 
1311-Sep-1990Chemical synthesis of stable and electroactive polypyrrole and related polyheterocyclic compoundsKANG, EN-TANG ; TAN, THIAM C. ; NEOH, KOON G. 
14Oct-1987Combined effect of carbon dosage and initial adsorbate concentration on the adsorption isotherm of heavy metals on activated carbonTan, T.C. ; Teo, W.K. 
151999CommentQian, Z.; Tan, T.C. 
1615-Jun-1997Corrosion protection of mild steel by electroactive polyaniline coatingsLi, P.; Tan, T.C. ; Lee, J.Y. 
171990Criteria for the elimination of azeotrope of a solvent mixture by a dissolved soluteTan, T.-C. 
18May-1990Cyclic voltammetry of electrodeposition of metal on electrosynthesized polypyrrole filmLee, Jim Y. ; Tan, Thiam-Chye 
191-May-1997Dead Bacillus subtilis cells for sensing biochemical oxygen demand of waters and wastewatersTan, T.C. ; Qian, Z.
20Aug-1995Dopamine sensing and selectivity of Nafion-coated plant tissue powder sensorsChen, Y.; Tan, T.C.