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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2016Academic development, SoTL and educational researchJohan Geertsema 
218-Feb-2021Access and success: rethinking and widening the impact of academic developmentJohan Hendrik Geertsema ; Roeland van der Rijst
3Mar-2011Coetzee's Diary of a Bad Year, politics, and the problem of positionGeertsema, J. 
411-Nov-2019Do academic developers? conceptions support an integrated academic practice? A comparative case study from Hong Kong and SingaporeTracy Zou; Johan Geertsema 
56-Jul-2016Fostering community, building trust, and navigating risks in academic developmentHuang Hoon Chng ; Johan Geertsema 
627-Oct-2021Guiding questions for evaluating IJAD submissionsJohan Hendrik Geertsema 
72001Homelessness, irony and suffering: Ndebele and Matlou's life at homeGeertsema, J. 
84-Jul-2017`Moving beyond?: academic developers, academic identity, and strategic developmentJohan Geertsema ; Huang Hoon Chng 
9Dec-2004Ndebele, fanon, agency and ironyGeertsema, J. 
1012-Feb-2018Sharing practices, but what is the story? Exploring award-winning teachers? conceptions of teachingMark Gan Joo Seng; Johan Geertsema 
1129-Nov-2021Strategic academic development in Asia: Embracing a `layered? approach to `wicked problems?Johan Hendrik Geertsema ; Mark Gan Joo Seng 
1229-Nov-2021Thanks to IJAD peer reviewersJohan Hendrik Geertsema 
134-Jan-2019Turning challenges into opportunities: (re)vitalizing the role of academic developmentJohan Geertsema ; Klara Bolander Laksov
142006White natives? Dan Roodt, Afrikaner identity and the politics of the sublimeGeertsema, J.