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Hui Hon Tat
(not current staff)
Hui, Hon Tat
Hui H.T.
Tat Hui, H.
Hui, H.T.
Hui H.-T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A fast calculation method for the receiving mutual impedances of uniform circular arraysDu, W.; Su, D.; Xie, S.; Hui, H.T. 
22008A new calculation method of the receiving mutual impedance for linear antenna arrayLui, H.-S. ; Hui, H.T. ; Leong, M.S. 
32008A new decoupling method for phased arrays in magnetic resonance imaging: An experimental approachLi, B.K.; Hui, H.T. ; Yang, C.H.; Crozier, S.
42013A new definition of power transmission efficiency for wireless charging systems by using coil arraysPu, S.; Hui, H.T. 
5Oct-2009A note on the mutual-coupling problems in transmitting and receiving antenna arraysLui, H.-S.; Hui, H.T. ; Leong, M.S. 
62008A novel blind channel estimation algorithm for a MIMO systemLiu, X.; Bialkowski, M.E.; Lu, S.; Hui, H.T. 
72012A phased coil array for efficient wireless power transmissionLiang, D.; Hui, H.T. ; Yeo, T.S. 
82012A simple channel simulator for multiuser MIMO broadcast channel systemsHo, C.P.; Nguyen, H.D.; Wang, X.; Hui, H.T. 
92015A switched-beam microstrip antenna array with miniaturized butler matrix networkSong J.; Guo Y.X. ; Hui H.T. ; Wang H.; Sim Z.W.
1014-Apr-2013Alternative A-gate structures for the realization of semiconductor quantum computersMirzaei, H.; Hui, H.T. 
11Jan-2013An improved effective-mass-theory equation for phosphorus doped in siliconHui, H.T. 
12Jun-2010Building antenna characteristics into multiple-input and multiple-output channel simulationHui, H.T. ; Wang, X.
132009Capacity for the uplink channel of a single cell multiuser MIMO systems with antenna mutual coupling effect includedWang, X.; Hui, H.T. 
142012Characterizing mutual impedance of conical spiral antenna array for radio telescope applicationPadhi, S.K.; Hui, H.T. 
152009Comparison of performance of four RFID sensor antennas fabricated on different substratesTarapata, G.; Hui, H.T. ; Weremczuk, J.; Jachowicz, R.; Shi, C.W.P.; Shan, X.
1626-Apr-2011Compensate for the coupled radiation patterns of compact transmitting antenna arraysNiow, C.H.; Yu, Y.T. ; Hui, H.T. 
17Mar-2010Compensation for signal correlation in multiple-input multiple-output transmitting antenna arraysHui, H.T. ; Lu, S.; Bialkowski, M.
182008Compensation for the mutual coupling effect in uniform circular arrays for 2D DOA estimations employing the maximum likelihood techniqueZhang, T.T.; Lu, Y.L.; Hui, H.T. 
192011Correlation coefficient expression by S-parameters for two omni-directional MIMO antennasWang, X.; Nguyen, H.D.; Hui, H.T. 
20Mar-2010Decoupled 2D direction of arrival estimation using compact uniform circular arrays in the presence of elevation-dependent mutual couplingWang, B.H. ; Hui, H.T. ; Leong, M.S.