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Garland,Marc Vincent
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Garland, M.
Garland, M.V.


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14-Feb-2008A combination of spectral re-alignment and BTEM for the estimation of pure component NMR spectra from multi-component non-reactive and reactive systemsGuo, L.; Sprenger, P.; Garland, M. 
22004A compact reactor-pump-cell-injection system for in-situ / on-line spectroscopic studiesGao, F.; Chuanzhao, L.; Garland, M. 
326-Jul-2004A general method for the recovery of pure powder XRD patterns from complex mixtures using no a priori information: Application of band-target entropy minimization (BTEM) to materials characterization of inorganic mixturesGuo, L.; Kooli, F.; Garland, M. 
410-Mar-2006A new origin for stereo-differentiation in the Orito reaction: Residual chiral induction and enantiomeric excess reversal during piecewise continuous experiments using a chiral fixed-bed reactorGao, F.; Chen, L.; Garland, M. 
51-Jan-2006A versatile and compact experimental apparatus for the on-line spectroscopic study of liquid-phase heterogeneous catalytic systemsGao, F.; Ng, K.P.; Li, C.; Krummel, K.I.; Allian, A.D.; Garland, M. 
625-Apr-2004Algebraic system identification for a homogeneous catalyzed reaction: Application to the rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of alkenes using in situ FTIR spectroscopyWidjaja, E.; Li, C.; Garland, M. 
713-Apr-2006Aminoethyl-functionalized cyclopentadienyliridium complexes: Photochemical C-H activation and carbonylation of cycloalkanesPek, K.C.; Weng, K.L. ; Krummel, K.I.; Garland, M.V. 
82002An efficient algorithm for automatic phase correction of NMR spectra based on entropy minimizationChen, L. ; Weng, Z. ; Goh, L. ; Garland, M. 
927-Feb-1998An improved algorithm for estimating pure component spectra in exploratory chemometric studies based on entropy minimizationZeng, Y.; Garland, M. 
101-Mar-2001An in situ spectroscopic study of the ruthenium catalyzed carbonylation of piperidine starting with triruthenium dodecacarbonyl. The importance of path dependence in homogeneous catalysisLiu, G.; Hakimifard, M.; Garland, M. 
112-Jul-2007An on-line FTIR study of the liquid-phase hydrogenation of 2-butanone over Pt/Al2O3 in d8-toluene. The importance of anhydrous conditionsGao, F.; Li, R.; Garland, M. 
12May-2006Application of band-target entropy minimization to infrared emission spectroscopy and the reconstruction of pure component emissivities from thin films and liquid samplesCheng, S.; Rajarathnam, D. ; Meiling, T.; Garland, M. 
13Jan-2007Application of band-target entropy minimization to on-line raman monitoring of an organic synthesis. An example of new technology for process analytical technologyWidjaja, E.; Ying, Y.T.; Garland, M. 
14Oct-2003Application of FT-Raman and FTIR measurements using a novel spectral reconstruction algorithmSin, S.Y.; Widjaja, E.; Yu, L.E. ; Garland, M. 
15Feb-2007Application of two-dimensional band-target entropy minimization to fluorescence data: Implications for the recovery of patterns arising from only bilinear and not trilinear structuresGuo, L.; Garland, M. 
16Mar-2003Band centers and track finding for large two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic arraysChen, L. ; Garland, M. 
1729-Apr-2002Band-target entropy minimization (BTEM): An advanced method for recovering unknown pure component spectra. Application to the FTIR spectra of unstable organometallic mixturesChew, W.; Widjaja, E.; Garland, M. 
181-Sep-2003Band-target entropy minimization. A robust algorithm for pure component spectral recovery. Application to complex randomized mixtures of six componentsWidjaja, E.; Li, C.; Chew, W.; Garland, M. 
191-Jul-2006Chemical and kinetic study of acetophenone hydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3: Application of BTEM and other multivariate techniques to quantitative on-line FTIR measurementsGao, F.; Allian, A.D.; Zhang, H.; Cheng, S.; Garland, M. 
2025-Jan-2004Chiral fixed bed reactor for stereoselective heterogeneous catalysis: Modification, regeneration, and multiple product synthesesZhao, Y.; Gao, F.; Chen, L. ; Garland, M.