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Nasheen Naidoo
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Naidoo, N.


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16-Jun-2012A comparative population-based study of prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates in Singapore, Sweden and Geneva, Switzerland from 1973 to 2006Chen, C.; Naidoo, N. ; Yang, Q.; Hartman, M. ; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Loy, E.Y.; Bouchardy, C.; Chia, K.S. ; Chia, S.E. 
227-Dec-2013A cost-effectiveness analysis evaluating endoscopic surveillance for gastric cancer for populations with low to intermediate riskZhou, H.J.; Dan, Y.Y.; Naidoo, N. ; Li, S.C.; Yeoh, K.G.
3Feb-2013A new paradigm emerges from the study of de novo mutations in the context of neurodevelopmental diseaseKu, C.S. ; Polychronakos, C.; Tan, E.K. ; Naidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.; Roukos, D.H.; Mort, M.; Cooper, D.N.
4Jul-2011A population-based study of copy number variants and regions of homozygosity in healthy Swedish individualsTeo, S.-M. ; Ku, C.-S. ; Naidoo, N. ; Hall, P.; Chia, K.-S. ; Salim, A. ; Pawitan, Y.
52011Cholesterol-raising diterpenes in types of coffee commonly consumed in Singapore, Indonesia and India and associations with blood lipids: A survey and cross sectional studyNaidoo, N. ; Chen, C.; Rebello, S.A. ; Speer, K.; Tai, E.S.; Lee, J. ; Buchmann, S.; Koelling-Speer, I.; Van Dam, R.M. 
62011Coffee and tea consumption in relation to inflammation and basal glucose metabolism in a multi-ethnic Asian population: A cross-sectional studyRebello, S.A. ; Chen, C.H.; Naidoo, N. ; Xu, W.; Lee, J. ; Chia, K.S. ; Tai, E.S.; Van Dam, R.M. 
7Aug-2011Copy number polymorphisms in new HapMap III and Singapore populationsKu, C.-S. ; Teo, S.-M. ; Naidoo, N. ; Sim, X. ; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Pawitan, Y.; Seielstad, M.; Chia, K.-S. ; Salim, A. 
8Apr-2012Diet and endothelial function: From individual components to dietary patternsLandberg, R.; Naidoo, N. ; Van Dam, R.M. 
9Feb-2013Dietary flavonoids and the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: Review of recent findingsVan Dam, R.M. ; Naidoo, N. ; Landberg, R.
102009Discovering gene-environment interactions in the post-genomic eraNaidoo, N. ; Chia, K.S. 
112013Empirical evidence of the continuing improvement in cost efficiency of an endoscopic surveillance programme for gastric cancer in Singapore from 2004 to 2010Zhou, H.J.; Li, S.C.; Naidoo, N. ; Zhu, F.; Yeoh, K.G.
12Jan-2012Exome sequencing: Dual role as a discovery and diagnostic toolKu, C.-S. ; Cooper, D.N.; Polychronakos, C.; Naidoo, N. ; Wu, M. ; Soong, R. 
13Apr-2012Exome versus transcriptome sequencing in identifying coding region variantsKu, C.-S. ; Wu, M. ; Cooper, D.N.; Naidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.; Pang, B.; Iacopetta, B.; Soong, R. 
1423-Feb-2013Factors associated with nursing home placement of all patients admitted for inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore community hospitals from 1996 to 2005: A disease stratified analysisChen, C.; Naidoo, N. ; Er, B.; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Tay, C.Y.; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Ng, Y.S.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Koh, G.C.H. 
152011Human genetics and genomics a decade after the release of the draft sequence of the human genomeNaidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.; Soong, R. ; Cooper, D.N.; Ku, C.-S. 
161-Jun-2012Plasma vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 are not associated with a lower risk of acute myocardial infarction in Singapore Chinese adultsNaidoo, N. ; van Dam, R.B. ; Koh, W.-P. ; Chen, C.; Lee, Y.-P.; Yuan, J.-M.; Ong, C.-N. 
17Jan-2011Regions of homozygosity and their impact on complex diseases and traitsKu, C.S. ; Naidoo, N. ; Teo, S.M. ; Pawitan, Y.
18Feb-2012Regions of homozygosity in three Southeast Asian populationsTeo, S.-M. ; Ku, C.-S. ; Salim, A. ; Naidoo, N. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Pawitan, Y.
19Apr-2011Revisiting Mendelian disorders through exome sequencingKu, C.-S. ; Naidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.
201-Oct-2013"Sometimes they'll tell me what they want": Family and inter-generational food preferences in the food decisions of Singaporean womenFerzacca, S.; Naidoo, N. ; Wang, M.C.; Reddy, G.; van Dam, R.M.