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Ye Yeo
Yeo, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2000Buzek-Hillery cloning revisited using the Bures metric and trace normKwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. ; Wang, X.-B. ; Yeo, Y. 
21-Apr-2007Detection of gravitational waves - An application of relativistic quantum information theoryYeo, Y. ; Lim, Z.H. ; Ching, C.L.; Chong, J.; Chua, W.K.; Dewanto, A. 
32011Devastating effects of quantum noises and noisy quantum operations on entanglement and quantum information protocolsYeo, Y. 
42006Effects of collisional decoherence on multipartite entanglement: How entanglement might not be relatively commonLow, G.-H.; Shi, Z.; Yeo, Y. 
52009Effects of Pauli channels and noisy quantum operations on standard teleportationYeo, Y. ; Kho, Z.-W.; Wang, L.
612-Feb-2010Effects of quantum noises and noisy quantum operations on entanglement and special dense codingQuek, S.; Li, Z.; Yeo, Y. 
7Aug-2007Entanglement of three qubitsWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Kwek, L.C. ; Yeo, Y. ; Oh, C.H. 
82009Entanglement oscillation and survival induced by non-Markovian decoherence dynamics of the entangled squeezed stateAn, J.-H. ; Yeo, Y. ; Zhang, W.-M.; Oh, C.H. 
9Aug-2009Exact decoherence dynamics of a single-mode optical fieldAn, J.-H. ; Yeo, Y. ; Oh, C.H. 
102008Hyperfine interaction induced decoherence and quantum information processing with quantum dotsZhu, Y.; Yu, S.; Yeo, Y. 
1127-Jun-2008Hyperfine-interaction-induced decoherence and deterministic teleportation of electrons in a quantum-dot nanostructureYu, S.; Zhu, Y.; Yeo, Y. 
1225-Aug-2008Local noise can enhance two-qubit teleportationYeo, Y. 
1330-Sep-2010Non-Markovian effects on quantum-communication protocolsYeo, Y. ; An, J.-H. ; Oh, C.H. 
1421-Jun-2010Non-Markovian environments and entanglement preservationTan, J.; Kyaw, T.H.; Yeo, Y. 
1526-Mar-2007Quantum nonlocality of four-qubit entangled statesWu, C. ; Yeo, Y. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
168-Apr-2005Quantum teleportation via a two-qubit Heisenberg XY chain - Effects of anisotropy and magnetic fieldYeo, Y. ; Liu, T.; Lu, Y.-E.; Yang, Q.-Z.
1725-Jul-2008Robust multipartite thermal entanglementKwong, C.C. ; Yeo, Y. 
18Aug-2007Robustness of multipartite entanglement under collisional decoherenceYeo, Y. 
192006Teleportation and dense coding with genuine multipartite entanglementYeo, Y. ; Chua, W.K.
202006Teleportation with a mixed state of four qubits and the generalized singlet fractionYeo, Y.