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Wu Chunfeng
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Wu, C.-F.
Wu, Chun-Feng
Wu, C.
Wu, C.F.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2005A bell inequality based on correlation functions for three qubitsWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
21-Oct-2012A study on the relations between the topological parameter and entanglementSun, C.; Xue, K.; Wang, G.; Wu, C. 
32013All-versus-nothing proof of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steeringChen, J.-L. ; Ye, X.-J.; Wu, C. ; Su, H.-Y.; Cabello, A.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
48-Sep-2008Bell inequalities for three particlesChen, J.-L. ; Wu, C. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
510-Sep-2012Bell nonlocality in conventional and topological quantum phase transitionsDeng, D.-L. ; Wu, C. ; Chen, J.-L. ; Gu, S.-J.; Yu, S. ; Oh, C.H. 
62009Berry phase and entanglement of three qubits in a new Yang-Baxter systemHu, T.; Xue, K.; Wu, C. 
7Dec-2006Certain quantum key distribution achieved by using Bell statesLi, C.; Wang, Z.; Wu, C. ; Song, H.-S.; Zhou, L.
81-Feb-2005Continuous multipartite entangled state in Wigner representation and violation of the Żukowski-Brukner inequalityWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. ; Xue, K.
95-Jun-2008Correlation-function Bell inequality with improved visibility for three qubitsWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
10Mar-2013Detecting Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering for continuous variable wavefunctionsSu, H.-Y.; Chen, J.-L. ; Wu, C. ; Deng, D.-L.; Oh, C.H. 
1118-Feb-2011Detecting full N-particle entanglement in arbitrarily-high-dimensional systems with Bell-type inequalitiesChen, J.-L.; Deng, D.-L.; Su, H.-Y.; Wu, C. ; Oh, C.H. 
1212-Nov-2009Driving quantum systems into decoherence-free subspaces by Lyapunov controlYi, X.X. ; Huang, X.L.; Wu, C. ; Oh, C.H. 
137-Dec-2010Dynamics of quantum-classical hybrid systems: Effect of matter-wave pressureShen, J.; Huang, X.L.; Yi, X.X. ; Wu, C. ; Oh, C.H. 
1430-Dec-2008Effective Hamiltonian approach to open systems and its applicationsHuang, X.L.; Yi, X.X. ; Wu, C. ; Feng, X.L. ; Yu, S.X. ; Oh, C.H. 
1515-Feb-2007Effects of a squeezed-vacuum reservoir on geometric phaseWang, Z.S. ; Wu, C. ; Feng, X.-L. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Oh, C.H. 
1628-Aug-2011Effects of uncertainties and errors on a Lyapunov controlYi, X.X. ; Cui, B.; Wu, C. ; Oh, C.H. 
172009Entanglement and the berry phase in a new yang-baxter systemWang, G.; Xue, K.; Wu, C. ; Liang, H.; Oh, C.H. 
18Aug-2007Entanglement of three qubitsWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Kwek, L.C. ; Yeo, Y. ; Oh, C.H. 
194-Aug-2010Fault-tolerant Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger paradox based on non-Abelian anyonsDeng, D.-L. ; Wu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Oh, C.H. 
2010-Nov-2009Geometric entangling gates in decoherence-free subspaces with minimal requirementsFeng, X.-L. ; Wu, C. ; Sun, H. ; Oh, C.H.