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131-May-2013Anomalous decoherence in a dissipative two-level systemLiu, H.-B.; An, J.-H. ; Chen, C.; Tong, Q.-J.; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
214-Aug-2010Decoherence suppression of a dissipative qubit by the non-Markovian effectTong, Q.-J.; An, J.-H. ; Luo, H-G.; Oh, C.H. 
31-Sep-2011Entanglement distribution over the subsystems and its invarianceTong, Q.-J. ; An, J.-H. ; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
42009Entanglement oscillation and survival induced by non-Markovian decoherence dynamics of the entangled squeezed stateAn, J.-H. ; Yeo, Y. ; Zhang, W.-M.; Oh, C.H. 
5Aug-2009Exact decoherence dynamics of a single-mode optical fieldAn, J.-H. ; Yeo, Y. ; Oh, C.H. 
629-Jul-2013Frozen Gaussian quantum discord in photonic crystal cavity array systemLü, Y.-Q.; An, J.-H. ; Chen, X.-M.; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
724-May-2013Generating many Majorana modes via periodic driving: A superconductor modelTong, Q.-J.; An, J.-H. ; Gong, J. ; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
824-May-2010Mechanism of entanglement preservationTong, Q.-J.; An, J.-H. ; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
924-Feb-2010Non-Markovian effect on the geometric phase of a dissipative qubitChen, J.-J.; An, J.-H. ; Tong, Q.-J.; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
1030-Sep-2010Non-Markovian effects on quantum-communication protocolsYeo, Y. ; An, J.-H. ; Oh, C.H. 
1113-Feb-2013Preservation of quantum correlation between separated nitrogen-vacancy centers embedded in photonic-crystal cavitiesYang, W.L. ; An, J.-H. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, M.; Oh, C.H. 
128-Nov-2011Quantum phase transition in the delocalized regime of the spin-boson modelTong, Q.-J. ; An, J.-H. ; Luo, H.-G.; Oh, C.H. 
133-Mar-2009Quantum-information processing with a single photon by an input-output process with respect to low- Q cavitiesAn, J.-H. ; Feng, M.; Oh, C.H. 
142009Tunable thermal entanglement in an effective spin-star system using coupled microcavitiesYang, W.-L.; Wei, H.; Feng, M.; An, J.-H.