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Thng Li-Jin,Ian
(not current staff)
Ian, L.-J.T.
Thng, L.J.
Thng, I.L.-J.
Thng, Ian
Thng, I.L.-.J.
Thng, I.L.
Thng, I.
Thng, Li-Jin
Ian, T.L.-J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A distributed monitoring-based fairness algorithm in optical burst switching networksHailong, L.; Malvin, T.W.L.; Ian, T.L.-J. 
22000A dynamic measurement-based bandwidth allocation scheme with QoS guarantee for mobile wireless networksLuo, X.; Thng, I. ; Li, B.; Jiang, S. ; Yin, L.
3Feb-2006A FSLE-based transceiver for combined synchronization and equalization in partial response systemsChin, C.H.E.; Mong, Y.; Tang, X. ; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Li, H.
4Jan-2003A new digital approach to design 3-D CAP waveformsTang, X. ; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Li, X.
5May-2004A robust M/M/1/k scheme for providing handoff dropping QoS in multi-service mobile networksThng, I.L.-J. ; Luo, X.Y.
6Apr-2001ABR services for overcoming misbehaving sources in a heterogeneous environmentLi, G.; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Wong, L.W.C. 
72002An adaptive measured-based preassignment scheme with connection-level QoS support for mobile networksLuo, X.; Li, B.; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Lin, Y.-B.; Chlamtac, I.
8Dec-2004An NS frequency-domain approach for continuous-time design of CAP/ICOM waveformTang, X. ; Thng, I.L.-J. 
92001Constraints for digitally implemented maximally flat optimum broadband beamformersThng, I.L. ; Leung, Y.H.
10Feb-2006Cost-saving two-layer wavelength conversion in optical switching networkLi, H.; Thng, I.L.-J. 
111999Dynamic Channel Pre-reservation scheme for handoffs with GoS guarantee in mobile networksLuo, Xiaoyuan; Thng, Ian ; Zhuang, Wei
122004Dynamic cost-based multi-tier linked listGoh, R.S.M.; Thng, I.L.-.J. 
13Jan-2007Edge node buffer usage in optical burst switching networksLi, H.; Thng, I.L.-J. 
1420-Jun-2006Fairness issue and monitor-based algorithm in optical burst switching networksLi, H.; Tan, M.W.L.; Thng, I.L.-J. 
15Jun-2002FELT: A far future event list structure optimized for calendar queuesHui, T.C.-K.; Thng, I.L.-J. 
162004Fiber delay line-random early detection QoS scheme for optical burst switching networksHailong, L.; Liak, T.W.; Ian, L.-J.T. ; Xiaorong, L.
171999Improved design of 3-D CAP signature waveforms against quantization noiseXinrong, Li; Thng, Ian ; Chung, Ko Chi 
181999Improved design of 3-D CAP signature waveforms against quantization noiseXinrong, Li; Thng, Ian ; Chung, Ko Chi
192005Ladder queue: An O(1) priority queue structure for large-scale discrete event simulationTang, W.T. ; Goh, R.S.M.; Thng, I.L.-J. 
202000Low timing sensitivity receiver structures for CAPThng, I.L. ; Cantoni, A.; Leung, Y.H.