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Low Kok Lim
Low, Kok-Lim
Low, K.-L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Aligning images in the wildLin, W.-Y.; Liu, L.; Matsushita, Y.; Low, K.-L. ; Liu, S.
22013Automatic paper sliceform design from 3D solid modelsLe-Nguyen, T.-V.; Low, K.-L. ; Ruiz, C.; Le, S.N. 
32009Automatic registration of color images to 3D geometryLi, Y.; Low, K.-L. 
41999Computing bounding volume hierarchies using model simplificationTan, Tiow-Seng ; Chong, Ket-Fah; Low, Kok-Lim 
52013Dense image correspondence under large appearance variationsLiu, L.; Low, K.-L. ; Lin, W.-Y.
62013Direct and progressive reconstruction of dual photography imagesHua, B.-S.; Sato, I.; Low, K.-L. 
72007Efficient constraint evaluation algorithms for hierarchical next-best-view planningLow, K.-L. ; Lastra, A.
82012Efficient screen-space approach to high-quality multiscale ambient occlusionHoang, T.-D.; Low, K.-L. 
92009Fast visualization of complex 3D models using displacement mappingLu, T.-K.; Low, K.-L. ; Zheng, J.
102013Generating multi-style paper pop-up designs using 3D primitive fittingRuiz Jr., C.R.; Le, S.N. ; Low, K.-L. 
112011Interactive motion deblurring using light streaksHua, B.-S.; Low, K.-L. 
121997Model simplification using vertex-clusteringLow, Kok-Lim ; Tan, Tiow-Seng 
132010Multi-resolution screen-space ambient occlusionHoang, T.-D.; Low, K.-L. 
142007Predetermination of ICP registration errors and its application to view planningLow, K.-L. ; Lastra, A.
152010Real-time CSG rendering using fragment sortPeng, B.; Low, K.-L. ; Hoang, T.-D.
162013Reconstruction of depth and normals from interreflectionsHua, B.-S.; Ng, T.-T.; Low, K.-L. 
172011Saliency retargeting: An approach to enhance image aestheticsWong, L.-K.; Low, K.-L. 
182009Saliency-enhanced image aesthetics class predictionWong, L.-K.; Low, K.-L. 
192011SandCanvas: A multi-touch art medium inspired by sand animationKazi, R.H.; Chua, K.-C.; Zhao, S. ; Davis, R.C.; Low, K.-L. 
2020-Oct-2021Shrinking JavaScript for CS1Anderson, B ; Henz, M ; Low, KL ; Tan, D