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Stephanie Wehner
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Wehner, S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2013A monogamy-of-entanglement game with applications to device-independent quantum cryptographyTomamichel, M.; Fehr, S.; Kaniewski, J.; Wehner, S. 
22011A time-dependent Tsirelson's bound from limits on the rate of information gain in quantum systemsDoherty, A.C.; Wehner, S. 
32016A universal test for gravitational decoherencePfister, C; Kaniewski, J; Tomamichel, M; Mantri, A; Schmucker, R; McMahon, N; Milburn, G; Wehner, S 
42013A violation of the uncertainty principle implies a violation of the second law of thermodynamicsHänggi, E.; Wehner, S. 
52013Achieving the limits of the noisy-storage model using entanglement samplingDupuis, F.; Fawzi, O.; Wehner, S. 
62011Achieving the physical limits of the bounded-storage modelMandayam, P.; Wehner, S. 
72012Almost all quantum states have low entropy rates for any coupling to the environmentHutter, A.; Wehner, S. 
83-Dec-2014An experimental implementation of oblivious transfer in the noisy storage modelErven, C.; Ng, N.; Gigov, N.; Laflamme, R.; Wehner, S. ; Weihs, G.
92013An information-theoretic principle implies that any discrete physical theory is classicalPfister, C.; Wehner, S. 
102016Assessing the performance of quantum repeaters for all phase-insensitive Gaussian bosonic channelsGoodenough, K; Elkouss, D; Wehner, S 
112016Asynchronous reference frame agreement in a quantum networkIslam T. ; Wehner S. 
1218-Apr-2014Bell nonlocalityBrunner, N.; Cavalcanti, D. ; Pironio, S.; Scarani, V. ; Wehner, S. 
132012Computability limits nonlocal correlationsIslam, T.; Wehner, S. 
142016Contextuality without nonlocality in a superconducting quantum systemJerger, M; Reshitnyk, Y; Oppliger, M; Poto?nik, A; Mondal, M; Wallraff, A; Goodenough, K; Wehner, S ; Juliusson, K; Langford, N.K; Fedorov, A
152013Dependence of a quantum-mechanical system on its own initial state and the initial state of the environment it interacts withHutter, A.; Wehner, S. 
162016Device-independent two-party cryptography secure against sequential attacksKaniewski, J; Wehner, S 
172011Does ignorance of the whole imply ignorance of the parts? Large violations of noncontextuality in quantum theoryVidick, T.; Wehner, S. 
182012Entanglement cost of quantum channelsBerta, M.; Christandl, M.; Brandao, F.G.S.L.; Wehner, S. 
192015Entanglement sampling and applicationsDupuis, F.; Fawzi, O.; Wehner, S. 
202016Entropic uncertainty and measurement reversibilityBerta, M; Wehner, S ; Wilde, M.M