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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Feb-2016A modelling-mapping approach for fine-scale assessment of pedestrian-level wind in high-density citiesYuan, Chao ; Norford, Leslie; Britter, Rex; Ng, Edward 
21-Apr-2017A study on the impact of shadow-cast and tree species on in-canyon and neighborhood's thermal comfortMorakinyo, Tobi Eniolu; Kong, Ling; Lau, Kevin Ka-Lun; YUAN CHAO ; NG YAN YUNG,EDWARD 
31-Apr-2012Building porosity for better urban ventilation in high-density cities - A computational parametric studyYUAN CHAO ; NG YAN YUNG,EDWARD 
41999Evaluation of six sky luminance prediction models using measured data from SingaporeLam, K.P. ; Mahdavi, A.; Ullah, M.B. ; Ng, E. ; Pal, V. 
51-Jan-2014GIS-based surface roughness evaluation in the urban planning system to improve the wind environment - A study in Wuhan, ChinaYuan, C ; Ren, C; Ng, E 
61-Jan-2014Improving air quality in high-density cities by understanding the relationship between air pollutant dispersion and urban morphologiesYuan, Chao ; Ng, Edward ; Norford, Leslie K
715-May-2011Improving the wind environment in high-density cities by understanding urban morphology and surface roughness: A study in Hong KongNg, Edward ; Yuan, Chao ; Chen, Liang; Ren, Chao; Fung, Jimmy CH
81-Jun-2017Large-eddy simulations of ventilation for thermal comfort - A parametric study of generic urban configurations with perpendicular approaching windsWang, Weiwen; NG YAN YUNG,EDWARD ; YUAN CHAO ; Raasch, Siegfried
931-Jan-2012Policies and technicalities providing natural ventilation to domestic spaces for high-density tropical living in Hong KongNG YAN YUNG,EDWARD ; YUAN CHAO 
101-Jan-2014Practical application of CFD on environmentally sensitive architectural design at high density cities: A case study in Hong KongYuan, C ; Ng, E 
111-May-2017Regulation of outdoor thermal comfort by trees in Hong KongKong, Ling; Lau, Kevin Ka-Lun; YUAN CHAO ; Chen, Yang; Xu, Yong; Ren, Chao; NG YAN YUNG,EDWARD