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Ullah,Mohammad Barkat
Ullah, M.B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003Attenuation of diffuse daylight due to dust deposition on glazing in a tropical urban environmentUllah, M.B. ; Kurniawan, J.T.; Poh, L.K. ; Wai, T.K. ; Tregenza, P.R.
21993Building energy performance and thermal comfort in SingaporeTham, K.W. ; Ullah, M.B. 
32003Daylight distribution in the living rooms of four types of public housing building in SingaporeUllah, M.B. ; Lin, L.W.
42003Daylight models - Singapore skyUllah, M.B. ; Kurniawan Tang, J.
52000Estimation of annual energy-saving contribution of an automated blind systemUllah, M.B. ; Lefebvre, Geraldine
61999Evaluation of six sky luminance prediction models using measured data from SingaporeLam, K.P. ; Mahdavi, A.; Ullah, M.B. ; Ng, E. ; Pal, V. 
71996International Daylight Measurement Programme - Singapore data III: Building energy savings through daylightingUllah, M.B. 
81996International Daylighting Measurement Programme - Singapore data I: Quality of data gathered over a long periodUllah, M.B. 
91996International Daylighting Measurement Programme - Singapore data II: Luminous efficacy for the tropicsUllah, M.B. 
102003Measurements and computations of contaminant's distribution in an office environmentCheong, K.W.D. ; Djunaedy, E. ; Poh, T.K. ; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Wong, N.H. ; Ullah, M.B. 
112003Thermal comfort study of an air-conditioned lecture theatre in the tropicsCheong, K.W.D. ; Djunaedy, E. ; Chua, Y.L.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Wong, N.H. ; Ullah, M.B.