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Zhang Yu
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Zhang, Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A fast and stable approach for restoration of warped document imagesChua, K.B.; Zhang, L. ; Zhang, Y. ; Tan, C.L. 
22004Adaptation-based individualized face modeling for animation using displacement mapZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
32006An efficient texture generation technique for human head cloning and morphingZhang, Y. 
42006Anatomy-based face reconstruction for animation using multi-layer deformationZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. ; Sung, E.
52005Anatomy-based human face reconstruction using multi-layer deformationZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Sung, E.
62006Data-driven facial feature morphing for 3D face synthesisZhang, Y. 
72005Faces alive: Reconstruction of animated 3D human facesZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
82005From range data to animated anatomy-based faces: A model adaptation methodZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
92003Generating animatable 3D virtual faces from scan dataZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. 
102004Human face modeling by fitting a 3D anatomy-based model using dynamic deformable meshesZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
112004Human face modeling for facial image synthesis using optimization-based adaptationZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
122004Rapid modeling of 3D faces for animation using an efficient adaptation algorithmZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
132005Realistic and efficient wrinkle simulation using an anatomy-based face model with adaptive refinementZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. 
142004Reanimating real humans: Automatic reconstruction of animated faces from range dataZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
1524-Feb-2004Robust process identification and auto-tuning controlWANG, QING-GUO ; LEE, TONG-HENG ; ZHANG, YONG ; ZHANG, YU ; YANG, XUE-PING
162005Simulating wrinkles in facial expressions on an anatomy-based faceZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L.