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Maznah Binti Mohamad
Mohamad, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2022Islam in a secular state Muslim activism in Singapore By Walid Jumblatt Abdullah. Amsterdam University Press, 2021. 304 pages. Hardback, €109.00, ISBN: 9789463724012. Ebook, €108.99, ISBN: 9789048544417Mohamad, Maznah 
22015Islamic banking and finance: sacred alignment strategic alliancesMohamad M. ; Saravanamuttu J.
32012Legal-bureaucratic Islam in Malaysia: Homogenizing and ring-fencing the Muslim subjectMohamad, M. 
4Aug-2010Making majority, undoing family: Law, religion and the Islamization of the state in MalaysiaMohamad, M. 
5Apr-2011Malaysian Sharia reforms in flux: The changeable national character of islamic marriageMohamad, M. 
62012Melayu: The Politics, Poetics and Paradoxes of MalaynessSyed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied ; Maznah Mohamad 
72009Muslim-non-Muslim marriage, rights and the state in Southeast AsiaJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
82009Muslim-non-Muslim marriage: Political and cultural contestations in Southeast AsiaJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
92009Politicization of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia: Women's rights and inter-religious relationsMohamad, M. 
102009PrefaceJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
112009Private lives, public contention Muslim-non-Muslim family disputes in MalaysiaMohamad, M. ; Aziz, Z.; Sim, C.O.
1225-Sep-2017Religion and politics in Malaysian nation-building: a "double-movement"of hegemonic and plural IslamMaznah MOHAMAD 
1320-May-2021Sex manuals in malay manuscripts as another transcript of gender relationsMohamad, Maznah 
142011The Islamic divorce contract and a flawed axiom of masculine protectionismMohamad, M. 
151-Feb-2019The Monetisation of Consent and Its Limits: Explaining Political Dominance and Decline in MalaysiaJohan Saravanamuttu; Maznah MOHAMAD