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Chee Heng Leng
(not current staff)
Chee, H.L.
Leng, C.H.
Chee, Heng Leng
Chee, H.-L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Body mass index and factors related to overweight among women workers in electronic factories in Peninsular MalaysiaChee, H.-L. ; Kandiah, M.; Khalid, M.; Shamsuddin, K.; Jamaluddin, J.; Nordin, N.A.M.M.; Shuib, R.; Osman, I.
22012Circuitous pathways: Marriage as a route toward (Il)legality for Indonesian migrant workers in MalaysiaChee, Heng Leng ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Shuib, Rashidah
3Mar-2013Commercially arranged marriage and the negotiation of citizenship rights among Vietnamese marriage migrants in multiracial SingaporeYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Chee, Heng Leng ; Vu, Thi Kieu Dung
4Jul-2004Ergonomic risk factors of work processes in the semiconductor industry in Peninsular MalaysiaChee, H.-L. ; Rampal, K.G.; Chandrasakaran, A.
5Jul-2006FIOH-sponsored newsletter misrepresents asbestos hazards in ZimbabweBailar III, J.C.; Ballal, S.G.; Boback, M.; Castleman, B.; Chee, H.L. ; Cherniack, M.; Christiani, D.; Cicolella, A.; Fernández De D'Pool, J.; Egilman, D.; Frank, A.L.; Garcia, M.A.; Giannasi, F.; Greenberg, M.; Harrison, R.J.; Huff, J.; Infante, P.; Joao De Souza, E.; Joshi, T.K.; Kamuzora, P.; Kazan-Allen, L.; Kern, D.G.; Kromhout, H.; Kuswadji, S.; LaDou, J.; Lemen, R.A.; Levenstein, C.; Luethje, B.; Mancini, F.; Meel, B.L.; Mekonnen, Y.; Mendes, R.; Murie, F.; Myers, J.E.; O'Neill, R.; Osaro, E.; Paek, D.; Richter, E.; Robertson, H.; Rosskam, E.; Samuels, S.W.; Soskolne, C.L.; Stuckey, R.; Teitelbaum, D.T.; Terracini, B.; Thebaud-Mony, A.; Vanhoorne, M.; Wang, X.; Watterson, A.; Wedeen, R.
62012From Client to Matchmaker: Social Capital in the Making of Commercial Matchmaking Agents in MalaysiaChee, Heng Leng ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Vu, Thi Kieu Dung 
7Dec-2010Guest editors' introduction to the special issue: Why is medical travel of concern to global social policy?Leng, C.H. ; Whittaker, A.
8Dec-2010Medical tourism and the state in Malaysia and SingaporeLeng, C.H. 
92009Muslim-non-Muslim marriage, rights and the state in Southeast AsiaJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
102009Muslim-non-Muslim marriage: Political and cultural contestations in Southeast AsiaJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
11May-2008Ownership, control, and contention: Challenges for the future of healthcare in MalaysiaCHEE, H.L. 
122009PrefaceJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
132013The Place of Vietnamese Marriage Migrants in Singapore: social reproduction, social ‘problems’ and social protectionYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Chee, Heng Leng ; Baey, Hui Yi Grace 
1428-May-2021Ties that bind, lines that divide: Bangladeshi labour migrants, Malaysian spouses, and the new contours of racializationHeng Leng Chee ; Brenda Yeoh ; Wan Teng Lai