Aljunied, Syed Muhammad Khairudin


Full Name
Aljunied, Syed Muhammad Khairudin
Aljunied, K.
Aljunied, S.M.K.
Khairudin Aljunied, S.M.
Khairudin Aljunied
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2011A theory of colonialism in the Malay worldAljunied, S.M.K. 
21-Mar-2020“A Traveling Model: The Mythizication and Mobilization of Malcolm X in the Malay World”ALJUNIED, SYED MUHAMMAD KHAIRUDIN 
321-Jul-2020Abdullah Abdul KadirALJUNIED, SYED MUHAMMAD KHAIRUDIN 
4Sep-2013Against multiple hegemonies: Radical malay women in Colonial MalayaKhairudin Aljunied, S.M. 
52014Coffee-shops in Colonial Singapore: Domains of Contentious PublicsAljunied, K. 
6Aug-2005Estranged from the Ideal Past: Historical Evolution of Madrassahs in SingaporeAljunied, S.M.K. ; Hussin, D.I.
72010Ethnic resurgence, minority communities, and state policies in a network society: The dynamics of malay identity formation in postcolonial SingaporeAljunied, S.M.K. 
819-Jan-2021Islam as therapy: Zakiah Daradjat and the uses of religious-oriented psychologyKhairudin Aljunied 
91-Dec-2019Islam in Southeast AsiaALJUNIED, SYED MUHAMMAD KHAIRUDIN 
102012Melayu: The Politics, Poetics and Paradoxes of MalaynessSyed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied ; Maznah Mohamad 
11Feb-2011Micro-history and the study of minorities: Working-class sikhs in Singapore and MalayaAljunied, S.M.K. 
1220-Apr-2022Reshaping Their Mental Lifeworld: Malay-Muslim Immigrants in Australia in the Age of IslamophobiaKhairudin Aljunied ; Abbas Khan 
132010Rethinking riots in colonial South East Asia: The case of the Maria Hertogh controversy in Singapore, 1950-54Aljunied, S.M.K. 
142005Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles' discourse on the Malay World: A revisionist perspectiveAljunied, S.M.K. 
15Mar-2012Social memory and state-civil society relations in the Philippines: Forgetting and remembering the Jabidah 'Massacre'Curaming, R.A.; Aljunied, S.M.K. 
16Jun-2011The other Muhammadiyah movement: Singapore 1958-2008Aljunied, S.M.K. 
17Sep-2012The Prison and the Anti-Colonialist in British MalayaKhairudin Aljunied, S.M.