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Liu, X.-J.
Liu, X.-J.
Liu, X.J.
Liu, X.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2007Coherent manipulation of light pulses in a multilevel atomic systemLiu, X.-J. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
21-Apr-2009Fractional spin Hall effect in atomic Bose gasesLiu, X.-J. ; Liu, X.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
3Feb-2006Generation of two-flavor vortex atom laser from a five-state mediumLiu, X.-J. ; Jing, H.; Liu, X.; Ge, M.-L.
4Jun-2008Manipulating atomic states via optical orbital angular-momentumLiu, X.-J. ; Liu, X.; Kwek, L.-C. ; Oh, C.H. 
52007Optically induced spin-hall effect in atomsLiu, X.-J. ; Liu, X.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
62006Possibility of inhomogeneous coupling leading to decoherence in an electromagnetically-induced-transparency quantum-memory processLiu, X.-J. ; Liu, Z.-X.; Liu, X.; Ge, M.-L.
7Nov-2006Quantum memory process with a four-level atomic ensembleLiu, X.-J. ; Jing, H.; Ge, M.-L.
820-Jan-2008Quantum spin current induced through optical dipole transition process in semiconductorsLiu, X.-J. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
9Feb-2011Spin dynamics under local gauge fields in chiral spin-orbit coupling systemsTan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Fujita, T. ; Liu, X.J. 
101-Dec-2008Spin transverse separation in a two-dimensional electron-gas using an external magnetic field with a topological chiralityTan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Liu, X.-J. ; Fujita, T. 
11Aug-2007The hybrid quantum computerKwek, L.C. ; Lim, Y.L.; Wu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Liu, X. ; Feng, X. ; Tong, D.M. ; Choo, K.W.; Oh, C.H. 
127-Feb-2007Tightly localized stationary pulses in a multilevel atomic systemLiu, X.-J. ; Liu, X.; Liu, Z.-X.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
1316-Feb-2007Topological structures of adiabatic phase for multi-level quantum systemsLiu, Z.-X.; Zhou, X.-T.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.-J. ; Chen, J.-L.
141-Oct-2008Wave function engineering and circulating spin current in trapped Bose-Einstein condensatesSong, J.-J.; Foreman, B.A.; Liu, X.-J. ; Oh, C.H.