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Fan, H.M.
Fan, H.-M.
Fan, H.
Fan, H.M.


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12009An effective surface-enhanced Raman scattering template based on a Ag nanocluster-ZnO nanowire arrayDeng, S. ; Fan, H.M. ; Zhang, X. ; Loh, K.P. ; Cheng, C.-L.; Sow, C.H. ; Foo, Y.L.
22007Anisotropy of electron-phonon coupling in single wurtzite CdS nanowiresFan, H.M. ; Ni, Z.H.; Feng, Y.P. ; Fan, X.F.; Kuo, J.L.; Shen, Z.X.; Zou, B.S.
314-Apr-2011Controlled synthesis of tellurium nanostructures from nanotubes to nanorods and nanowires and their template applicationsZhu, H.; Zhang, H.; Liang, J.; Rao, G.; Li, J.; Liu, G.; Du, Z.; Fan, H. ; Luo, J.
412-Dec-2006Diblock copolymer templated nanohybrid thin films of highly ordered TiO2 nanoparticle arrays in PMMA matrixYuwono, A.H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Wang, J. ; Zhang, X.H.; Fan, H. ; Ji, W. 
57-Jan-2011Electrically adjustable, super adhesive force of a superhydrophobic aligned MnO2 nanotube membraneZhao, X.-D.; Fan, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Ding, J.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zou, B.-S.; Feng, Y.-P. 
629-Mar-2010Ferromagnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductors through defect engineering: Li-doped ZnOYi, J.B. ; Lim, C.C.; Xing, G.Z.; Fan, H.M. ; Van, L.H. ; Huang, S.L.; Yang, K.S.; Huang, X.L.; Qin, X.B.; Wang, B.Y.; Wu, T.; Wang, L.; Zhang, H.T. ; Gao, X.Y. ; Liu, T. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Ding, J. 
715-Jul-2012Green electroluminescence from an n-ZnO: Er/p-Si heterostructured light-emitting diodeIwan, S.; Bambang, S.; Zhao, J.L.; Tan, S.T.; Fan, H.M. ; Sun, L.; Zhang, S.; Ryu, H.H.; Sun, X.W.
82007High pressure photoluminescence and Raman investigations of CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dotsFan, H.M. ; Ni, Z.H.; Feng, Y.P. ; Fan, X.F.; Kuo, J.L.; Shen, Z.X.; Zou, B.S.
913-Aug-2008High pressure photoluminescence and Raman studies of ZnxCd 1-xSe quantum dotsNi, Z.H.; Fan, H.M. ; Kasim, J.; You, Y.M.; Feng, Y.P. ; Han, M.Y.; Shen, Z.X.
10Nov-2007High temperature Raman spectroscopy studies of carbon nanowallsNi, Z.H.; Fan, H.M. ; Fan, X.F.; Wang, H.M.; Zheng, Z.; Feng, Y.P. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Shen, Z.X.
11Sep-2007High-pressure Raman and photoluminescence of highly anisotropic CdS nanowiresFan, H.M. ; Ni, Z.H.; Feng, Y.P. ; Fan, X.F.; Shen, Z.X.; Zou, B.S.
1214-Feb-2008Orientation-dependent Raman spectroscopy of single wurtzite CdS nanowiresFan, H.M. ; Fan, X.F.; Ni, Z.H.; Shen, Z.X.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zou, B.S.
135-Apr-2011Pattern-dependent tunable adhesion of superhydrophobic MnO 2 nanostructured filmZhao, X.D.; Fan, H.M. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Pan, H. ; Xu, H.Y.
144-Apr-2007Phonon-assisted stimulated emission in Mn-doped ZnO nanowiresLiu, R.; Pan, A.; Fan, H. ; Wang, F.; Shen, Z.; Yang, G.; Xie, S.; Zou, B.
15Mar-2006Photoluminescence and growth mechanism of amorphous silica nanowires by vapor phase transportYang, Y.; Tay, B.K.; Sun, X.W.; Fan, H.M. ; Shen, Z.X.
1627-Oct-2010Quantum dot capped magnetite nanorings as high performance nanoprobe for multiphoton fluorescence and magnetic resonance imagingFan, H.-M. ; Olivo, M. ; Shuter, B.; Yi, J.-B. ; Bhuvaneswari, R.; Tan, H.-R.; Xing, G.-C.; Ng, C.-T. ; Liu, L.; Lucky, S.S.; Bay, B.-H.; Ding, J. 
1728-May-2006Raman spectroscopic investigation of carbon nanowallsNi, Z.H.; Fan, H.M. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Shen, Z.X.; Yang, B.J.; Wu, Y.H.
181-Apr-2011Room temperature ferromagnetism in N-doped rutile TiO2 filmsBao, N.N. ; Fan, H.M. ; Ding, J. ; Yi, J.B. 
192009Room temperature ferromagnetism of ZnO nanocrystals in amorphous ZnO- Al2 O3 matrixMa, Y.W.; Ding, J. ; Qi, D.C. ; Yi, J.B. ; Fan, H.M. ; Gong, H. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Rusydi, A. 
204-Jun-2009Shape-controlled synthesis of single-crystalline Fe2O 3 hollow nanocrystals and their tunable optical propertiesFan, H.M. ; You, G.J. ; Li, Y. ; Zheng, Z.; Tan, H.R.; Shen, Z.X.; Tang, S.H. ; Feng, Y.P.