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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Feb-2011Application of porous membrane protected micro-solid-phase-extraction combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of estrogens in ovarian cyst fluid samplesKanimozhi, S.; Basheer, C.; Narasimhan, K.; Liu, L.; Koh, S.; Xue, F. ; Choolani, M.; Lee, H.K. 
217-May-2011Cooperative effect of silver in copper-catalyzed trifluoromethylation of aryl iodides using Me3SiCF3Weng, Z. ; Lee, R.; Jia, W.; Yuan, Y.; Wang, W.; Feng, X. ; Huang, K.-W.
315-Nov-2012Investigation of bioaccumulation profile of oestrogens in zebrafish liver by hollow fibre protected liquid phase microextraction with gas chromatography-mass spectrometric detectionKanimozhi, S.; Basheer, C.; Neveliappan, S.; Ang, K.; Xue, F. ; Lee, H.K. 
4Nov-2012Isomers of dialkyl diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole: Electron-deficient units for organic semiconductorsZhao, B.; Sun, K.; Xue, F. ; Ouyang, J. 
521-Jun-2011Lipid-bilayer-mimicking solid-state structures of Cu(ii) and Ni(ii) with l-tryptophan and l-tyrosine Schiff base derivativesNew, S.Y.; Wu, X.; Bai, S.-Q. ; Koh, L.L. ; Hor, T.S.A. ; Xue, F. 
6Jun-2011Low-band gap copolymers of ethynylfluorene and 3,6-dithiophen-2-yl-2,5- dihydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione synthesized under microwave irradiation for polymer photovoltaic cellsWu, Z. ; Fan, B. ; Li, A. ; Xue, F. ; Ouyang, J. 
7Dec-2010Organic molecules based on dithienyl-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole as new donor materials for solution-processed organic photovoltaic cellsWu, Z. ; Fan, B. ; Xue, F. ; Adachi, C.; Ouyang, J. 
821-Jul-2010Persistently folded circular aromatic amide pentamers containing modularly tunable cation-binding cavities with high ion selectivityQin, B.; Ren, C.; Ye, R.; Sun, C.; Chiad, K.; Chen, X.; Li, Z.; Xue, F. ; Su, H.; Chass, G.A.; Zeng, H. 
9Aug-2011Phenanthrene-functionalized 3,6-dithiophen-2-yl-2,5- dihydropyrrolo[3,4c] pyrrole-1,4-diones as donor molecules for solution-processed organic photovoltaic cellsWu, Z. ; Li, A. ; Fan, B. ; Xue, F. ; Adachi, C.; Ouyang, J. 
104-May-2012Redox tuning of two biological copper centers through non-covalent interactions: Same trend but different magnitudeNew, S.Y.; Marshall, N.M.; Hor, T.S.A. ; Xue, F. ; Lu, Y.
112007Ruthenium half-sandwich complexes as protein kinase inhibitors: Derivatization of the pyridocarbazole pharmacophore ligandPagano, N.; Maksimoska, J.; Bregman, H.; Williams, D.S.; Webster, R.D.; Xue, F. ; Meggers, E.
12Feb-2007Structure-based identification of a major neutralizing site in an adenovirus hexonPichla-Gollon, S.L.; Drinker, M.; Zhou, X.; Xue, F. ; Rux, J.J.; Gao, G.-P.; Wilson, J.M.; Ertl, H.C.J.; Burnett, R.M.; Bergelson, J.M.
1321-Mar-2011Supramolecular assembly of a new series of copper-l-arginine Schiff basesNew, S.Y.; Thio, Y.; Koh, L.L. ; Andy Hor, T.S. ; Xue, F. 
142006Synthesis and crystal structure of an indenylnickel(II) NHC complex (Ind)NiBr(1,3-bisbenzylimidazol-2-ylidene)Hu, D.-M.; Sun, H.-M.; Wang, Y.-S.; Shen, Q.; Xue, F.