Full Name
Sum Chee Chuong
(not current staff)
Chee-Chuong, S.
Sum, C.
Sum, C.-C.
Chuong, S.C.
Sum, C.C.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A comparative study of advanced manufacturing technology and manufacturing infrastructure investments in Singapore and SwedenZhou, H.; Keong Leong, G.; Jonsson, P.; Sum, C.C. 
21993A comparison of resource allocation and activity scheduling rules in a dynamic multi-project environmentYang, K.-K. ; Sum, C.-C. 
31995A comparison of stochastic scheduling rules for maximizing project net present valueYang, K.K. ; Tay, L.C.; Sum, C.C. 
42002A multiple-case design methodology for studying MRP success and CSFsAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.-C. ; Yeo, L.-N.
52011A resource dependence theory perspective of ISO 9000 in managing organizational environmentSingh, P.J.; Power, D.; Chuong, S.C. 
61993A study on manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) practices in SingaporeSum, C.-C. ; Yang, K.-K.
72006A taxonomy of manufacturing strategies in ChinaZhao, X.; Sum, C.-C. ; Qi, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lee, T.-S.
82004A taxonomy of operations strategies of high performing small and medium enterprises in SingaporeSum, C.-C. ; Kow, L.S.-J.; Chen, C.-S.
91995An analysis of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) benefits using Alternating Conditional Expectation (ACE)Sum, C.-C. ; Yang, K.-K. ; Ang, J.S.K. ; Quek, S.-A. 
101997An evaluation of due date, resource allocation, project release, and activity scheduling rules in a multiproject environmentYang, K.-K. ; Sum, C.-C. 
112012An examination of the cumulative capabilities model in selected Asia-Pacific countriesSum, C.C. ; Singh, P.J.; Heng, H.Y.
121999Analysing interaction effects on MRP implementation using ACESum, C.-C. ; Quek, S.-A. ; Lim, H.-E.
131995Business environment, operations strategy, and performance: An empirical study of Singapore manufacturersWard, P.T.; Duray, R.; Keong Leong, G.; Sum, C.-C. 
141994Comparison of job shop dispatching rules using a total cost criterionYang, K.K. ; Sum, C.C. 
151995Critical success factors in implementing MRP and government assistance: A Singapore contextAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.-C. ; Chung, W.-F.
162013Deming management method: Subjecting theory to moderating and contextual effectsSingh, P.J.; Dean, C.M.W.; Chee-Chuong, S. 
172006Linking financial performance to strategic orientation and operational priorities: An empirical study of third-party logistics providersYeung, J.H.Y.; Selen, W.; Sum, C. ; Huo, B.
182002Modeling the effects of a service guarantee on perceived service quality using Alternating Conditional Expectations (ACE)Sum, C.-C. ; Lee, Y.-S.; Hays, J.M.; Hill, A.V.
191994MRP II company profile and implementation problems: A Singapore experienceAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.C. ; Yang, K.K. 
202009Simultaneous effects of functional involvement and improvement programs on manufacturing and financial performance in Chinese firmsQi, Y.; Sum, C.-C. ; Zhao, X.