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Yang, Kum Khiong
Yang, K.-K.
Yang, K.K.
Kum Khiong, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A comparison of dispatching rules for executing a resource-constrained project with estimated activity durationsYang, K.-K. 
21998A comparison of Reorder Point and Kanban policies for a single machine production systemYang, K.K. 
31993A comparison of resource allocation and activity scheduling rules in a dynamic multi-project environmentYang, K.-K. ; Sum, C.-C. 
41995A comparison of stochastic scheduling rules for maximizing project net present valueYang, K.K. ; Tay, L.C.; Sum, C.C. 
51998A new appointment rule for a single-server, multiple-customer service systemYang, K.K. ; Lau, M.L.; Quek, S.A. 
61995An analysis of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) benefits using Alternating Conditional Expectation (ACE)Sum, C.-C. ; Yang, K.-K. ; Ang, J.S.K. ; Quek, S.-A. 
71997An evaluation of due date, resource allocation, project release, and activity scheduling rules in a multiproject environmentYang, K.-K. ; Sum, C.-C. 
81994Comparison of job shop dispatching rules using a total cost criterionYang, K.K. ; Sum, C.C. 
91992Comparison of make-to-order job shops with different machine layouts and production control systemsYang, Kum Khiong ; Jacobs, F.Robert
101996Effects of erroneous estimation of activity durations on scheduling and dispatching a single projectYang, K.-K. 
111994MRP II company profile and implementation problems: A Singapore experienceAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.C. ; Yang, K.K. 
121996New appointment rule for outpatientsYang, K.K. ; Lau, M.L.; Quek, S.A. 
131994On a paper by Christofides et al. for solving the multiple-resource constrained, single project scheduling problemDemeulemeester, E.; Herroelen, W.; Simpson, W.P.; Baroum, S.; Patterson, J.H.; Yang, K.-K. 
141999Replanning the master production schedule for a capacity-constrained job shopKum Khiong, Y. ; Jacobs, F.R.
151993Scheduling a project to maximize its net present value: An integer programming approachYang, K.K. ; Talbot, F.B.; Patterson, J.H.