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12018Actin Dynamics Couples Extracellular Signals to the Mobility and Molecular Stability of TelomeresJokhun D.S. ; Shang Y. ; Shivashankar G.V. 
22015Cytoskeletal control of nuclear morphology and chromatin o1rganizationRamdas Nisha M.; Shivashankar G.V. 
32012Developmental Heterogeneity in DNA Packaging Patterns Influences T-Cell Activation and TransmigrationGupta S.; Marcel N.; Talwar S.; Garg M.; Indulaxmi R.; Perumalsamy L.R.; Sarin A.; Shivashankar G.V. 
42017DNA damage causes rapid accumulation of phosphoinositides for ATR signalingWang, Y.-H ; Hariharan, A ; Bastianello, G; Toyama, Y ; Shivashankar, G.V ; Foiani, M; Sheetz, M.P 
52012Dynamics of Passive and Active Particles in the Cell NucleusHameed F.M.; Rao M.; Shivashankar G.V. 
62017Machine Learning for Nuclear Mechano-Morphometric Biomarkers in Cancer DiagnosisRadhakrishnan, A; Damodaran, K ; Soylemezoglu, A.C; Uhler, C; Shivashankar, G.V 
72012Mechanical force alters morphogenetic movements and segmental gene expression patterns during drosophila embryogenesisKumar A.; Shivashankar G.V. 
82017Mechanical strain promotes oligodendrocyte differentiation by global changes of gene expressionJagielska, A; Lowe, A.L; Makhija, E ; Wroblewska, L; Guck, J; Franklin, R.J.M; Shivashankar, G.V ; Van Vliet, K.J
92012Modeling and Experimental Methods to Probe the Link between Global Transcription and Spatial Organization of ChromosomesIyer K.V.; Maharana S.; Gupta S.; Libchaber A.; Tlusty T.; Shivashankar G.V. 
102015Novel localization of formin mDia2: importin ?-mediated delivery to and retention at the cytoplasmic side of the nuclear envelopeShao, X ; Kawauchi, K ; Shivashankar, G.V ; Bershadsky, A.D 
112012Role of Actin Dependent Nuclear Deformation in Regulating Early Gene ExpressionGupta S.; Marcel N.; Sarin A.; Shivashankar G.V. 
122017Superresolution imaging of nanoscale chromosome contactsWang Y. ; Ratna P.; Shivashankar G.V. 
13Feb-2014The C-terminal domain (CTD) in linker histones antagonizes anti-apoptotic proteins to modulate apoptotic outcomes at the mitochondrionGarg, M.; Ramdas, N.; Vijayalakshmi, M.; Shivashankar, G.V. ; Sarin, A.
142014The linker histone H1.2 is an intermediate in the apoptotic response to cytokine deprivation in T-effectorsGarg M.; Perumalsamy L.R.; Shivashankar G.V. ; Sarin A.