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Chitra Sankaran
Sankaran, Chitra
Sankaran, C.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Aalam - The Banyan: A Bilingual Volume of Edwin Thumboo's PoemsSANKARAN CHITRA 
22001Ambivalent Reinscriptions of the Woman in Post-ColonialitySankaran, Chitra 
32019Amitav GhoshSankaran, Chitra 
42018An Ecofeminist Reading of Beth Yahp's The Crocodile FurySankaran, Chitra 
52018Apocalyptic Vision in the Laotian Short Story "The Roar of a Distant War" by Viliya KetavongSankaran, Chitra 
6Nov-2002Ariels: Departures and Returns: Essays for Edwin ThumbooSankaran, Chitra 
72003Beyond Good and Evil? Ethics and Aesthetics in Rushdie’s FurySankaran, Chitra 
82005Beyond Good and Evil? Ethics and Aesthetics in Rushdie’s FurySankaran, Chitra 
92002Colonialism, Hegemony and After in Nayantara Saghal’s Rich Like UsSankaran, Chitra 
101999Colonialism, Hegemony and After in Nayantara’s Sahgal’s Rich Like UsSankaran, Chitra 
112017Common Man in Indian LiteratureSankaran, Chitra 
122015Common Man in Indian LiteratureSANKARAN, CHITRA 
132003Complicities: Connections and Divisions: Perspectives on Literatures and Cultures of the Asia-Pacific RegionSankaran, Chitra ; Leong, Liew Geok ; Patke, Rajeev Shridhar 
142012Developing Social Literacy: Assessment Strategies in a Feminism ClassSANKARAN CHITRA 
152012Diasporic predicament: an interview with Amitav GhoshSankaran, Chitra 
162012Diasporic predicaments: An interview with Amitav GhoshSankaran, C. 
172017Ecological Predicaments in Niaz Zaman's The Baromashi TapesSankaran, Chitra 
1821-Mar-2019Ecologies in Southeast Asian Literatures Histories, Myths and SocietiesPham C; Sankaran C ; Kaur G
19Dec-2013Ecology, Nature and the Human in Edwin Thumboo’s PoetrySankaran, Chitra 
202002Edwin ThumbooSankaran, Chitra