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Sankaran, Chitra
Sankaran, C.

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1011993The Myth-Connection - A Comparative Study of R.K. Narayan and Raja Rao.SANKARAN CHITRA 
1022001The Non-Conformity of the Singaporean and Malaysian ExperiencesSankaran, Chitra 
1031991The Patterns of Story-Telling in Guide by R.K. NarayanSankaran, Chitra 
1042002The Politics of Cultural Memory Reconstruction in Singapore TheatreSankaran, Chitra ; Seet, Khiam Keong ; Chan, Kenneth
1052002The Problems in the Portrayal of the Snake Goddess in South Indian CinemaSANKARAN, CHITRA 
106Jul-2003“The Sounds of Silence”: An Analysis of Two Stories by Singaporean WomenSankaran, Chitra 
1072001The Woman Poets of Singapore and MalaysiaSankaran, Chitra 
1082001Translating Asian Sexualities in a Feminist Classroom in SingaporeSankaran, Chitra 
109May-2011Transnational tamil television and diasporic imaginingsSankaran, C. ; Pillai, S.
1102010Visions of the Future in Amitav Ghosh's The Calcutta ChromosomeSANKARAN, CHITRA 
1111-Apr-2012Void of ReasonSankaran C 
112Jun-2004“We Women aren’t Free to Die”: Transacting Asian Sexualities in a Feminism Classroom in SingaporeSankaran, Chitra ; Chng, Huang Hoon 
1132008Whither Postcolonial Fiction? Ethics and Aesthetics in Indian Fiction in EnglishSANKARAN CHITRA 
1142008Whither Postcolonialism? Ethics and Aesthetics in Indian Fiction in EnglishSankaran, Chitra 
1152019Women, Animality and Ecofeminist Intersections in Beth Yahp's The Crocodile FurySankaran, Chitra 
116Sep-2012Women, rivers, and serpents: Reifying the primordial link in Gita Mehta's A River SutraSankaran, C. 
117Sep-2012Women, rivers, and serpents: Reifying the primordial link in Gita Mehta’s A River SutraSankaran, Chitra 
118Jul-2000Word as Mantra: The Art of Raja RaoSankaran, Chitra 
1192009Writing Back and After in Githa Hariharan's When Dreams TravelSANKARAN, CHITRA 
120Jan-2014Writing back: Ethics and aesthetics in Joss and GoldSankaran C