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Sankaran, Chitra
Sankaran, C.

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61Dec-2008Narrating to Survive: Ethics and Aesthetics in Githa Hariharan's When Dreams TravelSankaran, Chitra 
622006Narrating to Survive: Ethics and Aesthetics in Hariharan’s When Dreams TravelSankaran, Chitra 
63Mar-2007Negotiating Crisis in a Feminism Classroom: The Politics of RepresentationChng, Huang Hoon ; Sankaran, Chitra 
642002Nirad C. Chaudhuri’s A Passage to England: A Site of Colonial AnxietySankaran, Chitra 
65Oct-2016Numinous Encounters along the Holy Narmada: A River Sutra by Gita MehtaSankaran, Chitra 
661991Patterns of Story-telling in R. K. Narayan's The GuideSankaran, Chitra 
672001Post-Coloniality and Women WritersSankaran, Chitra 
682002Problems in the Portrayal of the Snake Goddess in South Indian CinemaSankaran, Chitra 
69Jan-2014Problems with feminine empowerment in goddess films: A feminist analysis of south Indian goddess filmsSankaran, Chitra 
701997Problems With Rao’s Version of Indian English: An Examination of Kanthapura and Serpent and the RopeSankaran, Chitra 
712011Questions of Ethics and Aesthetics in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of LossSANKARAN CHITRA 
722007Questions of Ethics and Aesthetics in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of LossSANKARAN, CHITRA 
732014Religion and Identity in South Asian DiasporaRai, Rajesh ; Sankaran, Chitra 
74Mar-2011Religion and the South Asian diasporaRai, R. ; Sankaran, C. 
752007Repositionings in Asian Literature: The Question of Ethics & AestheticsSANKARAN, CHITRA 
7626-Jun-2019Representations of Eco-Displacements and Alternate SubjectivitiesSankaran, Chitra 
772002Review of Ariels: Departures and Returns - Essays for Edwin ThumbooSankaran, Chitra 
782000Review of The Best of Raja RaoSankaran, Chitra 
792000Review of Word as Mantra - The Art of Raja RaoSankaran, Chitra 
802008Reworlding Asian Female Locations Through Literature - a way forward?Sankaran, Chitra