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Iftekhar A Karimi
Karimi, I.A.
Karimi, I.
A. Karimi, I.
Karimi, Iftekhar Abubakar
Karimi, I. A.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A comparison of continuous-time models for scheduling noncontinuous plantsSivanandam, S.P.; Balla, G.; Sundaramoorthy, A.; Karimi, I.A. 
22012A Comparison Study of Adjoint-Based Gradient Search Technique and Mathematical Programming for Optimal Well-PlacementToh, R.Y.; Tavallali, M.S.; Leow, W.X.; Karimi, I.A. 
32004A continuous-time formulation for scheduling multi-stage multi-product batch plants with identical parallel unitsYu, L.; Karimi, I.A. 
42005A continuous-time formulation for scheduling multi-stage multi-product batch plants with non-identical parallel unitsLiu, Y.; Karimi, I.A. 
52005A general resource-constrained short-term scheduling model for multipurpose batch plants using synchronous slotsSundaramoorthy, A.; Karimi, I.A. ; Yu, L.; Srinivasan, R. 
62014A genome-scale metabolic model of Methanococcus maripaludis S2 for CO 2 capture and conversion to methaneGoyal, N.; Widiastuti, H.; Karimi, I.A. ; Zhou, Z.
72004A heuristic reactive scheduling strategy for recovering from refinery supply chain disruptionsAdhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
82005A holistic approach for portfolio selection and resource-constrained scheduling of multi-task projectsViswanathan, P.K.; Karimi, I.A. ; Sundaramoorthy, A.
9Jul-2011A linear diversity constraint - Application to scheduling in microgridsNaraharisetti, P.K. ; Karimi, I.A. ; Anand, A. ; Lee, D.-Y. 
102005A model-based disruption management strategy for distributed supply chainsAdhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
11May-2007A model-based rescheduling framework for managing abnormal supply chain eventsAdhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
122006A multi-agent approach to supply chain management in the chemical industrySrinivasan, R. ; Bansal, M. ; Karimi, I.A. 
132009A multi-grid scheduling model for integrated gasoline blending operationsLi, J. ; Karimi, I.A. 
14Mar-2004A new continuous-time formulation for scheduling crude oil operationsReddy, P.C.P.; Karimi, I.A. ; Srinivasan, R. 
15Jul-2010A novel approach to scheduling multipurpose batch plants using unit-slotsSusarla, N.; Li, J. ; Karimi, I.A. 
16Jul-2007A novel CDU model for refinery planningLi, W.; Hui, C.-W.; Karimi, I.A. ; Srinivasan, R. 
172008A novel continuous-time formulation for short-term scheduling of continuous processesLi, J. ; Susarla, N.; Karimi, I.A. 
182005A novel framework and tool for dynamic simulation of supply chainsSivanandam, S.P.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
192012A Novel Multi-Grid Formulation for Scheduling Semi-Continuous PlantsSusarla, N.; Li, J.; Karimi, I.A. 
202012A pilot plant study of a VSA process for CO2 capture from power plant flue gasRao, V.R.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Guntuka, S.K.; Rajendran, A.; Ullah, M.A.; Sharratt, P.; Karimi, I.A. ; Farooq, S.