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Shamsuzzaman Farooq
Farooq, S.
Farooq, Shamsuzzaman

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
118-Jan-2005A heterogeneous model for gas transport in carbon molecular sievesDing, L.P. ; Yuan, Y.X.; Farooq, S. ; Bhatia, S.K.
22007A high temperature adsorption process for air separationRajendran, A.; Farooq, S. 
31-Sep-2017A Highly Stable Metal-Organic Framework with Optimum Aperture Size for CO2 CaptureHu, Zhigang ; Wang, Yuxiang ; Farooq, Shamsuzzaman ; Zhao, Dan 
42012A pilot plant study of a VSA process for CO2 capture from power plant flue gasRao, V.R.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Guntuka, S.K.; Rajendran, A.; Ullah, M.A.; Sharratt, P.; Karimi, I.A. ; Farooq, S. 
51993A predictive model for a kinetically controlled pressure swing adsorption separation processFarooq, S. ; Rathor, M.N. ; Hidajat, K. 
62-Jan-2008A- and B-site substituted lanthanum cobaltite perovskite as high temperature oxygen sorbent. 1. thermogravimetric analysis of equilibrium and kineticsGuntuka, S.; Banerjee, S. ; Farooq, S. ; Srinivasan, M.P. 
72-Jan-2008A- and B-site substituted lanthanum cobaltite perovskite as high temperature oxygen sorbent. 2. column dynamics studyGuntuka, S.; Farooq, S. ; Rajendran, A.
82008Adsorption and diffusion of gases in ETS-10 and Mof adsorbentsSepehr, H.; Nobar, S.N.; Chen, S.; Farooq, S. 
92-Mar-2011Adsorption and diffusion of methane and nitrogen in barium exchanged ETS-4Majumdar, B.; Bhadra, S.J.; Marathe, R.P.; Farooq, S. 
101998An undergraduate experiment on adsorptionFarooq, S. 
1125-Jan-2002Analysis of a piston PSA process for air separationArvind, R.; Farooq, S. ; Ruthven, D.M.
12Sep-1999Analysis of a tubular zeolite membrane processKarimi, I.A. ; Farooq, S. 
138-Jul-2003Binary and ternary adsorption kinetics of gases in carbon molecular sievesQinglin, H.; Farooq, S. ; Karimi, I.A. 
142011CO 2 capture from post-combustion flue gas on a carbon molecular sieveHaghpanah, R.; Rajendran, A.; Farooq, S. 
152014CO2 capture from dry flue gas by vacuum swing adsorption: A pilot plant studyKrishnamurthy, S.; Rao, V.R.; Guntuka, S.; Sharratt, P.; Haghpanah, R.; Rajendran, A.; Amanullah, M.; Karimi, I.A. ; Farooq, S. 
162015CO2 capture in cation-exchanged metal-organic frameworks: Holistic modeling from molecular simulation to process optimizationAnjaiah Nalaparaju ; Farooq, Shamsuzzaman ; Karimi, Iftekhar Abubakar ; Jiang, Jianwen ; KHURANA MANINDER 
17Nov-1996Comparison of Isotherm Models for Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Activated CarbonMalek, A. ; Farooq, S. 
18May-2008Correction procedures for extra-column effects in dynamic column breakthrough experimentsRajendran, A.; Kariwala, V.; Farooq, S. 
19Dec-2013Cycle synthesis and optimization of a VSA process for postcombustion CO2 captureHaghpanah, R.; Nilam, R.; Rajendran, A.; Farooq, S. ; Karimi, I.A. 
20Feb-2010Design of a two-step pulsed pressure-swing adsorption-based oxygen concentratorRama Rao, V.; Farooq, S. ; Krantz, W.B.