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Mcgee, K.
McGee, K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010AI for dynamic team-mate adaptation in gamesAbraham, A.T.; McGee, K. 
22011Are artificial team-mates scapegoats in computer gamesMerritt, T.R.; Tan, K.B.; Ong, C.; Thomas, A.; Chuah, T.L.; McGee, K. 
31-Jan-2014Automated generation of geometry questions for high school mathematicsSinghal, R ; Henz, M ; McGee, K 
41-Jan-2014Automated generation of high school geometric questions involving implicit constructionSinghal, R ; Henz, M ; McGee, K 
52011Choosing human team-mates: Perceived identity as a moderator of player preference and enjoymentMerritt, T.; McGee, K. ; Chuah, T.L.; Ong, C.
62009Designing hypertext tools to facilitate authoring multiple points-of-view storiesMcgee, K. ; Mitchell, A. 
72009Designing storytelling games that encourage narrative playMitchell, A. ; McGee, K. 
82011Did you notice? Artificial team-mates take risks for playersMerritt, T.; Ong, C.; Chuah, T.L.; McGee, K. 
92012Frown more, talk more: Effects of facial expressions in establishing conversational rapport with virtual agentsWong, J.W.-E. ; McGee, K. 
102010Real-time team-mate AI in games: A definition, survey, & critiqueMcGee, K. ; Abraham, A.T.
112011What we have here is a failure of companionship: Communication in goal-oriented team-mate gamesMcGee, K. ; Merritt, T.; Ong, C.
122010Who makes what sound? Supporting real-time musical improvisations of electroacoustic ensemblesMerritt, T.; Kow, W.; Ng, C.; McGee, K. ; Wyse, L.