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Liu Dingxiang
Ding, X.L.
Liu, D.
Liu, D.X.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001Characterization of temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)Shen, S.; Ding, X.L. 
25-Jun-1998Characterization of the two overlapping papain-like proteinase domains encoded in gene 1 of the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus and determination of the C-terminal cleavage site of an 87-kDa proteinLim, K.P.; Liu, D.X. 
32000Determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of a vaccine strain of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and identification of the Nsp2 gene with a unique insertionShen, S.; Kwang, J.; Liu, W.; Liu, D.X. 
4Aug-2007Expression, post-translational modification and biochemical characterization of proteins encoded by subgenomic mRNA8 of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusLe, T.M.; Wong, H.H.; Tay, F.P.L.; Fang, S.; Keng, C.-T.; Tan, Y.J.; Liu, D.X. 
530-Sep-2001Further identification and characterization of novel intermediate and mature cleavage products released from the ORF 1b region of the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus 1a/1b polyproteinXu, H.Y.; Lim, K.P.; Shen, S.; Liu, D.X. 
62001Further identification and characterization of products processed from the coronavirus avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) 1a polyprotein by the 3C-like proteinaseNg, L.F.P.; Xu, H.Y.; Liu, D.X. 
72006Identification and characterization of a unique ribosomal frameshifting signal in SARS-CoV ORF3AWang, X.X.; Liao, Y.; Wong, S.M. ; Liu, D.X. 
82000Identification of a novel cleavage activity of the first papain-like proteinase domain encoded by open reading frame 1a of the coronavirus Avian infectious bronchitis virus and characterization of the cleavage productsLim, K.P.; Ng, L.F.P.; Liu, D.X. 
9Mar-2006Identification of Hepta- and Octo-Uridine stretches as sole signals for programmed +1 and -1 ribosomal frameshifting during translation of SARS-CoV ORF 3a variantsWang, X.; Wong, S.-M. ; Liu, D.X. 
102008Identification of plant virus IRESWong, S.-M. ; Koh, D.C.-Y.; Liu, D. 
112001Induction of caspase-dependent apoptosis in cultured cells by the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virusLiu, C.; Xu, H.Y.; Liu, D.X. 
122001Physical interaction between the membrane (M) and envelope (E) proteins of the coronavirus avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)Lim, K.P.; Xu, H.Y.; Liu, D.X. 
132009Proteolytic activation of the spike protein at a novel RRRR/S motif is implicated in furin-dependent entry, syncytium formation, and infectivity of coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus in cultured cellsYamada, Y.; Ding, X.L. 
145-Jul-1998Proteolytic mapping of the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus lb polyprotein: Evidence for the presence of four cleavage sites of the 3C-like proteinase and identification of two novel cleavage productsLiu, D.X. ; Shen, S.; Xu, H.Y.; Wang, S.F.
15Mar-1997Proteolytic processing of the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus 1a polyprotein: Identification of a 10-kilodalton polypeptide and determination of its cleavage sitesLiu, D.X. ; Xu, H.Y.; Brown, T.D.K.
161998Regulation of mRNA 1 expression by the 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR) of the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)Liu, D.X. ; Xu, H.Y.; Lim, K.P.
1721-Oct-2005Selection of and recombination between minor variants lead to the adaptation of an avian coronavirus to primate cellsFang, S.G.; Shen, S.; Tay, F.P.L.; Liu, D.X. 
181999Sequence analysis and in vitro expression of genes 6 and 11 of an ovine group B rotavirus isolate, KB63: Evidence for a non-defective, C-terminally truncated NSP1 and a phosphorylated NSP5Shen, S.; McKee, T.A.; Wang, Z.D.; Desselberger, U.; Liu, D.X. 
194-Feb-2009Structural basis for translational inhibition by the tumour suppressor Pdcd4Loh, P.G.; Yang, H.-S.; Walsh, M.A.; Wang, Q.; Wang, X.; Cheng, Z.; Liu, D. ; Song, H.
20Sep-2009Towards construction of viral vectors based on avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus for gene delivery and vaccine developmentShen, H.; Fang, S.G.; Chen, B.; Chen, G.; Tay, F.P.L.; Liu, D.X.