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Zhang Yong
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Zhang, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Dec-2006A study of the glass forming ability in ZrNiAl alloysJing, Q. ; Zhang, Y. ; Wang, D.; Li, Y. 
2Jul-2004Bulk glass formation of 12 mm rod in la-cu-ni-al alloysZhang, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
39-Nov-2006Composition optimization of the NiZrYAl glass forming alloysJing, Q. ; Zhang, Y. ; Li, Y. 
4Oct-2003Correlation between Glass Formation and Type of Eutectic Coupled Zone in Eutectic AlloysMa, D.; Tan, H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Li, Y. 
5Oct-2004Effect of micro-structural changes on mechanical properties of La 66Al14(Cu, Ni)20 amorphous and crystalline alloysZhang, Y. ; Lee, M.L.; Tan, H. ; Jing, Q. ; Li, Y. 
62003Glass formation in eutectic alloysMa, D.; Zhang, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
7Jan-2003Glass forming properties of Zr-based bulk metallic alloysZhang, Y. ; Zhao, D.Q.; Pan, M.X.; Wang, W.H.
8Mar-2003Glass-forming ability of Pr-(Cu,Ni)-Al alloys in eutectic systemZhang, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Kong, H.Z. ; Yao, B. ; Li, Y. 
9May-2005Microstructure control and ductility improvement of La-Al-(Cu, Ni) composites by Bridgman solidificationZhang, Y. ; Xu, W.; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
103-Sep-2003Optimum glass formation at off-eutectic composition and its relation to skewed eutectic coupled zone in the La based La-Al-(Cu,Ni) pseudo ternary systemTan, H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Ma, D.; Feng, Y.P. ; Li, Y. 
111-Jul-2003Relationship between glass forming ability and thermal parameters of Zr based bulk metallic glassesZhang, Y. ; Zhao, D.Q.; Pan, M.X.; Wang, W.H.
1214-Feb-2002The eutectic point in Pr-rich Pr-Cu-Al ternary alloysZhang, Y. ; Yao, B. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y.