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Tan Shaohua
Tan, S.T.
Tan, Shaohua
Tan, S.H.
Tan, S.
Tan, ShaoHua


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A general fuzzy control scheme for nonlinear processes with stability analysisChai, J.-S. ; Tan, S. ; Chen, Q.; Hang, C.-C. 
2Jun-2008A high-order recursive quadratic algorithm for linear-in-the-parameter modelsZhu, Q.; Qiao, Y.; Tan, S. 
32005A high-order recursive quadratic learning algorithmZhu, Q.; Tan, S. ; Qiao, Y.
4Feb-2009A robust high-order mixed L2-linfty estimation for linear-in-the-parameters modelsZhu, Q.; Qiao, Y.; Tan, S. 
52006A robust high-order recursive quadratic algorithm for linear-in-the- parameters modelsZhu, Q.; Tan, S. ; Qiao, Y.
6Jul-1992A subspace identification algorithm for descriptor systemsMoonen, M.; De Moor, B.; Ramos, J.; Tan, S. 
71997Acoustic microscopy reveals IC packaging hidden defectsOng, S.H. ; Tan, S.H. ; Tan, K.T.
8Apr-1996Adaptive fuzzy modeling of nonlinear dynamical systemsTan, S. ; Yu, Yi.
9Jun-1997Adaptive fuzzy scheme for efficient, fast valving controlChen, Q.; Tan, S. ; Han, Y.; Wang, Z.
101-Jun-1999An efficient computational algorithm for min-max operationsZhang, X.; Tan, S. ; Hang, C.-C. ; Wang, P.-Z.
111997Artificial neural networks controlled fast valving in a power generation plantHan, Y.; Xiu, L.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Q.; Tan, S. 
12Apr-1997Artificial-neural-network-based fast valving control in a power-generation systemHan, Y.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Q.; Tan, S. 
131998Building fuzzy graphs from samples of nonlinear functionsTan, S. ; Yu, Y.; Wang, P.-Z. 
141-Feb-1999Complementarity and equivalence relationships between convex fuzzy systems with symmetry restrictions and waveletsYu, Y.; Tan, S. 
151997Constructive theory for fuzzy systemsWang, P.-Z. ; Tan, S. ; Song, F.; Liang, P.
1625-Feb-1993Control of dynamical processes using an on-line rule-adaptive fuzzy control systemHe, S.-Z.; Tan, S. ; Hang, C.-C. ; Wang, P.-Z. 
171996Defuzzification, structure transparency, and fuzzy system learningTan, Shaohua ; Vandewalle, Joos
181994Delta rule and learning for min-max neural networksZhang, Xinghu; Hang, Chang-Chieh ; Tan, Shaohua ; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
19Sep-1995Efficient identification of RBF neural net models for nonlinear discrete-time multivariable dynamical systemsTan, S. ; Hao, J.; Vandewalle, J.
202000Entropy-based fuzzy clustering and fuzzy modelingYao, J.; Dash, M.; Tan, S.T. ; Liu, H.