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Chang Ting Ting,Klarissa
(not current staff)
Chang, K.T.-T.
Klarissa, C.T.T.
Chang, K.T.
Chang, K.T.T.
Chang, K.T-.T.
Chang, K.
Chang, T.T.K.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Advertising effectiveness in social networking sites: Social ties, expertise, and product typeChang, K.T.T. ; Chen, W.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
22009Advertising effectiveness on social network sites: An investigation of tie strength, endorser expertise and product type on consumer purchase intentionWen, C.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Chang, K.T-.T. 
32013An empirical study of designing simplicity for mobile application interactionWu, Y.; Chang, K. 
42011An exploration of social media in public opinion convergence: Elaboration likelihood and semantic networks on political eventsWu, Y.; Wong, J.; Deng, Y.; Chang, K. 
52013An icon taxonomy for semi-literate communitiesWan, P.-H.M.; Chang, T.T.K. ; Sengupta, A.
62012Creativity in Dyads: The role of closeness and media multiplexitySha, X.; Wu, Y.; Chang, K. 
72013Effects of persuasive claims on desirability and impulse purchase behaviorGwee, M.Y.T.; Chang, K.T.T. 
82010Electronic word-of-mouth: An integration of social influence and identityChang, K.T.T. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Liang, X.
92011Exploring continuous participation on entertainment applications of social network sitesWu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Chang, K. 
102009Idiosyncratic Deals: Coworkers as Interested Third PartiesLai, L.; Rousseau, D.M.; Chang, K.T.T. 
112013Information visualization and location-based services on mobile devicesYimeng, D.; Chang, K.T.T. 
122014Interactive experiences designed for agricultural communitiesSuen, R.C.L.; Ng, Y.C.; Chang, K.T.T. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wan, M.P.-H.
132009Justice perceptions, individual centrality, and knowledge contribution distinctions in a global organizationHo, Z.W.; Chang, K.T.-T. 
142012Knowledge diversity and simmelian tie in generating creative ideas: The importance of media multiplexityWu, Y.; Sha, X.; Chang, K. 
152012Mobile ICT and knowledge sharing in underserved communitiesYimeng, D.; Xiqing, S.; Chang, K.T.T. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
1628-Oct-2015MULTIPLE REGRESSION AND ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK FOR THE PREDICTION OF CROP PEST RISKSYan Yingwei ; Feng, Chen-Chieh ; Wan, Maffee Peng-Hui; Chang, Klarissa Ting-Ting 
172013Network diversity and social cohesion in creative performance: A view of communication media mixWu, Y.; Chang, K. 
182008Psychological contracts and knowledge exchange in virtual teamsChang, K.T.-T. 
192012Research article the role of leadership and contextualization on citizenship behaviors in distributed teams: A relational capital perspectiveSha, X.; Chang, K.T. 
202010Similarity and familiarity in distributed teams: A perspective of identification on knowledge sharingSha, X.; Chang, K.T.-T.