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Yang Zhi
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Yang, Z.
Yang, Zhi
Yang Z
Zhi, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-20111/f neural noise reduction and spike feature extraction using a subset of informative samplesYang, Z. ; Hoang, L.; Zhao, Q.; Keefer, E.; Liu, W.
22015A 0.4V 280-nW frequency reference-less nearly all-digital hybrid domain temperature sensorZhao W ; Pan R; Ha Yajun ; Yang Z 
32015A 1024-channel 6 mW/mm2 optical stimulator for in-vitro neuroscience experimentsCai, Lei; Wang, Baitong; Huang, Xiuxiang ; Yang, Zhi 
42013A 13μW 87dB dynamic range implantable ΔΣ modulator for full-spectrum neural recordingXu, J.; Islam, M.K.; Wang, S.; Yang, Z. 
57-Nov-2013A 50 μw/Ch artifacts-insensitive neural recorder using frequency-shaping techniqueXu, J.; Yang, Z. 
62013A bio-inspired cooperative algorithm for distributed source localization with mobile nodesKhalili, A.; Rastegarnia, A.; Islam, M.K.; Yang, Z. 
72014A fast, robust algorithm for power line interference cancellation in neural recordingKeshtkaran, M.R.; Yang, Z. 
82013A multichannel integrated circuit for neural spike detection based on EC-PC threshold estimationWu, T.; Yang, Z. 
9Aug-2012A new EC-PC threshold estimation method for in vivo neural spike detectionYang, Z. ; Liu, W.; Keshtkaran, M.R.; Zhou, Y.; Xu, J. ; Pikov, V.; Guan, C.; Lian, Y. 
102013A new system architecture for future long-term high-density neural recordingXu, J. ; Wu, T.; Yang, Z. 
112015A power efficient frequency shaping neural recorder with automatic bandwidth adjustmentXu J ; Wu T ; Yang Z 
122013A robust EC-PC spike detection method for extracellular neural recordingZhou, Y.; Yang, Z. 
132013A system verification platform for high-density epiretinal prosthesesChen, K.; Lo, Y.-K.; Yang, Z. ; Weiland, J.D.; Humayun, M.S.; Liu, W.
142015An 8-channel neural spike processing IC with unsupervised closed-loop control based on spiking probability estimationWu, Tong ; Yang, Zhi 
152013An LSK demodulator for sub-scalp EEG recordingChen, Z.; Xu, J.; Sun, P.; Yang, Z. 
162012Analysis and processing of in-vivo neural signal for artifact detection and removalIslam, M.K.; Tuan, N.A.; Zhou, Y.; Yang, Z. 
1715-Apr-2014Artifact characterization and removal for in vivo neural recordingIslam, M.K.; Rastegarnia, A.; Nguyen, A.T.; Yang, Z. 
182-Nov-2014Diagnosis of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis by means of tracking eye parametersRazali, Muhammad Azri ; Young, Stephanie; Lin, Hazel; Tan, Clement; Yang, Zhi 
192010Engineering hope with biomimetic microelectronic systemsLiu, W.; Yang, Z. 
202012Power line interference cancellation in in-vivo neural recordingKeshtkaran, M.R.; Yang, Z.