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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Advancing Climate Action in the Time of Covid-19Melissa Low Yu Xing 
22020Climate talks postponed due to coronavirus pandemic but action must continueMelissa Low Yu Xing 
312-Jun-2021Commentary: The merits of Singapore’s new carbon trading marketplaceMELISSA LOW YU XING ; DAVID CLIVE BROADSTOCK 
429-Jul-2020Commentary: This new Ministry of Sustainability and Environment looks pretty promisingMelissa Low Yu Xing 
527-Apr-2021Commentary: To everyone’s relief, US is back in the driver’s seat on climate changeMelissa Low 
67-Aug-2020Explainer: The impact of power on our environmentMelissa Low 
723-Nov-2020Implications of The 2020 US Election Outcome On International and Domestic Climate ActionMELISSA LOW YU XING ; BEA JIAN WEI ERIC 
82020Producing Biogas from Palm Oil Mill Effluent in Southeast Asia—the Green Elephant in the Room?Melissa Low Yu Xing ; Hoo, Poh Ying Rachel; Leow, Foon Lee 
92019Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Bill: Tackling the Food-Water-Energy NexusMelissa Low Yu Xing ; Bea, Eric
10Aug-2013The Influence of Green Building Certification Schemes on Real Estate Investor Behaviour: Evidence from SingaporeHeinzle, S.L.; Boey Ying Yip, A. ; Low Yu Xing, M. 
112020The Madrid COP25 Climate Conference: Disappointments and Next StepsMelissa Low Yu Xing ; Bea, Eric
1223-May-2021The Role of the Blue Economy in Singapore’s Sustainable Energy TransitionMary Ann Quirapas-Franco ; Melissa Low ; Alex Ng
1329-Jul-2020This new Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment seems pretty promisingMelissa Low 
1423-Jun-2021Update on the May-June 2021 Climate Change Conference on the Road to GlasgowMELISSA LOW YU XING ; BEA JIAN WEI ERIC