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Chung Sew Meng
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Meng, C.S.
Chung, S.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002Changes in flexural properties of composite restoratives after aging in waterYap, A.U.J. ; Chandra, S.P.; Chung, S.M. ; Lim, C.T. 
22004Comparative hardness and modulus of tooth-colored restoratives: A depth-sensing microindentation studyYap, A.U.J. ; Wang, X.; Wu, X.; Chung, S.M. 
3May-2005Comparison of the bond strength of stainless steel orthodontic brackets bonded to crown porcelains.Chay, S.H. ; Wattanapayungkul, P. ; Yap, A.U. ; Loh, P.L. ; Chung, S.M. 
42004Effects of aging on mechanical properties of composite restoratives: A depth-sensing microindentation approachYap, A.U.J. ; Chung, S.M. ; Rong, Y.; Tsai, K.T.
52005Effects of surface finish on indentation modulus and hardness of dental composite restorativesChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. 
62005Elastic modulus of resin-based dental restorative materials: A microindentation approachChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Tsai, K.T.; Yap, F.L.
72007Environmental degradation of glass-ionomer cements: A depth-sensing microindentation studyWang, X.Y.; Yap, A.U.J. ; Ngo, H.C.; Chung, S.M. 
8Sep-2001Failure patterns of the orbitozygomatic complex in human cadavers following fixation with titanium and bioresorbable plating systemsRohner, D.; Chung, S.M. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Tay, A.; Hammer, B.
915-Nov-2004Flexural strength of dental composite restoratives: Comparison of biaxial and three-point bending testChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Chandra, S.P.; Lim, C.T. 
10Jan-2004Fracture Resistance of Compomer and Composite RestorativesYap, A.U.J. ; Chung, S.M. ; Chow, W.S.; Tsai, K.T.; Lim, C.T. 
112005Influence of dietary solvents on strength of nanofill and ormocer compositesYap, A.U.J. ; Lim, L.Y.; Yang, T.Y.; Ali, A.; Chung, S.M. 
122003Influence of the Polymerization Process on Composite Resistance to Chemical Degradation by Food-Simulating LiquidsYap, A.U.J. ; Wattanapayungkul, P. ; Chung, S.M. 
13Jan-2004Interface of Unloaded Titanium Implants in the Iliac Crest, Fibula, and Scapula: A Histomorphometric and Biomechanical Study in the PigRohner, D.; Tay, A.; Chung, S.M. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
14Jun-2004Measurement of Poisson's ratio of dental composite restorative materialsChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Koh, W.K.; Tsai, K.T.; Lim, C.T. 
15Aug-2002Multi-axial spine biomechanical testing system with speckle displacement instrumentationChung, S.M. ; Teoh, S.H. ; Tsai, K.T.; Sin, K.K.
16Nov-2002The sphenozygomatic suture as a key site for osteosynthesis of the orbitozygomatic complex in panfacial fractures: A biomechanical study in human cadavers based on clinical practiceRohner, D.; Tay, A.; Meng, C.S. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Hammer, B.
172004Wear behavior of new composite restorativesYap, A.U.J. ; Tan, C.H.; Chung, S.M.