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Ling San
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Ling, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2000A class of linear codes with good parametersXing, C. ; Ling, S. 
22000A class of linear codes with good parameters from algebraic curvesXing, C. ; Ling, S. 
3May-2004A family of group character codesLing, S. 
42-Feb-1998Almost perfect sequences with θ = 2Leung, K.H. ; Ling, S. ; Ma, S.L. ; Tay, K.B. 
51-Feb-2006An explicit class of codes with good parameters and their dualsLing, S. ; Xing, C. ; Özbudak, F.
6Oct-2004An improvement on the bounds of Weil exponential sums over Galois rings with some applicationsLing, S. ; Özbudak, F.
717-Sep-1999Attack on RSA-type cryptosystems based on singular cubic curves over Z/nZChua, S.K. ; Leung, K.H. ; Ling, S. 
81999Combinatorial coverings from geometries over principal ideal ringsChee, Y.M.; Ling, S. 
92000Component group of the p-new subvariety of J0(Mp)Ling, S. 
102000Decomposing quasi-cyclic codesLing, S. ; Solé, P.
112001Duadic codes over F2 + uF2Ling, S. ; Solé, P.
12May-2001Duadic codes over Z2kLing, S. ; Solé, P.
132000Elementary 2-group character codesDing, C. ; Kohel, D. ; Ling, S. 
14Apr-2003Good self-dual quasi-cyclic codes existLing, S. ; Solé, P.
15Jul-2002Highly symmetric expandersChee, Y.M.; Ling, S. 
162005Improved p-ary codes and sequence families from Galois ringsLing, S. ; Özbudak, F.
172005Improved p-ary codes and sequence families from galois rings of characteristic p2Ling, S. ; Özbudak, F.
182001Maps between Jacobians of Shimura curves and congruence kernelsKhare, C.; Ling, S. 
19Jan-2002New binary linear codes from algebraic curvesLeung, K.H. ; Ling, S. ; Xing, C. 
20Dec-2003New Lower Bounds and Constructions for Binary Codes Correcting Asymmetric ErrorsFu, F.-W. ; Ling, S. ; Xing, C.