Full Name
Xing Chaoping
(not current staff)
Xing, Chaoping
Xing, C.P.
Xing, C.-P.
Xing, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2000A class of linear codes with good parametersXing, C. ; Ling, S. 
22000A class of linear codes with good parameters from algebraic curvesXing, C. ; Ling, S. 
3May-2004A class of polynomial codesXing, C. ; Fang, Y.
4Oct-2005A construction of binary constant-weight codes from algebraic curves over finite fieldsXing, C. ; Ling, J.
5Jul-1999A counterexample to Perret's conjecture on infinite class field towers for global function fieldsNiederreiter, H.; Xing, C. 
61999A generalization of algebraic-geometry codesXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H.; Lam, K.Y. 
7Mar-2004Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields with Many Rational PointsXing, C. ; Long, S.
815-May-2007Algebraic curves with many points over the binary fieldXing, C. ; Yeo, S.L.
9Jan-2001Algebraic-geometry codes with asymptotic parameters better than the Gilbert-Varshamov and the Tsfasman-Vlǎduţ-Zink boundsXing, C. 
101-Feb-2006An explicit class of codes with good parameters and their dualsLing, S. ; Xing, C. ; Özbudak, F.
11Nov-2002Asymptotic bounds on frameproof codesXing, C. 
12Mar-2006Asymptotic bounds on quantum codes from algebraic geometry codesFeng, K.; Ling, S.; Xing, C. 
132000Cnstructions of authentication codes from algebraic curves over finite fieldsXing, C. ; Wang, H. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Xing, C.P. 
14Nov-2005Codes for key generation in quantum cryptographyEnglert, B.-G. ; Fu, F.-W. ; Niederreiter, H. ; Xing, C. 
151999Construction and enumeration of all binary duadic codes of length pmDing, C. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Xing, C. 
161999Constructions of algebraic-geometry codesXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H. ; Lam, K.Y. 
17Nov-2002Constructions of codes from residue rings of polynomialsXing, C. 
182002Constructions of digital netsNiederreiter, H. ; Xing, C. 
191999Constructions of sequences with almost perfect linear complexity profile from curves over finite fieldsXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H.; Lam, K.Y. ; Ding, C. 
20Feb-2004Cyclotomic Optical Orthogonal Codes of Composite LengthsDing, C.; Xing, C.