Full Name
Siu Lun, Leo Ma
(not current staff)
Ma, S. L.
Lun Ma, S.
Ma, S.L.
Ma, S.-L.
Siu Lun Ma
Ma Siu Lun,Leo
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11996A construction of partial difference sets in ℤp2 x ℤp2 x ⋯ x ℤp2Leung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. 
21997A Family of Semi-Regular Divisible Difference SetsMa, S.L. ; Sehgal, S.K.
3May-2014A multiplier theoremLeung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
41-May-2001A nonexistence result on difference sets, partial difference sets and divisible difference setsArasu, K.T.; Ma, S.L. 
5Nov-1997A Sharp Exponent Bound for McFarland Difference Sets withp=2Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
6Oct-1994A survey of partial difference setsMa, S.L. 
7Jun-1990Abelian difference sets with multiplier minus oneMcFarland, R.L.; Ma, S.L. 
81998Abelian Difference Sets Without Self-conjugacyArasu, K.T.; Ma, S.L. 
9Jan-1992Abelian divisible difference sets with multiplier -1Leung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Tan, V. 
102-Feb-1998Almost perfect sequences with θ = 2Leung, K.H. ; Ling, S. ; Ma, S.L. ; Tay, K.B. 
11Oct-2006Circulant weighing matrices of weight 22tArasu, K.T.; Leung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Nabavi, A.; Ray-Chaudhuri, D.K.
122002Constructions of relative difference sets with classical parameters and circulant weighing matricesLeung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
132012Difference sets and sequencesMa, S.L. 
141997Difference Sets Corresponding to a Class of Symmetric DesignsMa, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
15Dec-1991Difference sets in dihedral groupsLeung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Wong, Y.L. 
16Dec-1991McFarland's conjecture on abelian difference sets with multiplier -1Ma, S.L. 
17Jul-2006New Hadamard matrices of order 4 p2 obtained from Jacobi sums of order 16Leung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
18Nov-2004Nonexistence of abelian difference sets: Lander's conjecture for prime power ordersLeung, K.H. ; Ma, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.
1915-Feb-1994Nonexistence of certain perfect arraysChan, W.-K.; Siu, M.-K.; Ma, S.-L. 
20Jul-1995On (pa, p, pa, pa-1)-relative difference setsMa, S.L. ; Schmidt, B.