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Litao Zhao
Litao, Z.
Zhao, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2021Are Schools Becoming More Equally Funded? Evidence from a Western Province in ChinaLi, Ling; Zhao Litao 
2Jul-2009Between local community and central state: Financing basic education in ChinaZhao, L. 
3Sep-2009China attracting global talent: Central and local initiativesLitao, Z. ; Jinjing, Z.
4Jan-2019Chinese Society 2018: Stabilising Development Amid UncertaintiesZHAO, Litao 
53-Jan-2019Chinese Society 2018: Stabilising Development Amid UncertaintiesZhao, Litao 
623-Jan-2020Chinese Society 2019/2020: Navigating Another Bumpy YearZhao, Litao 
7Apr-2008Financing China's higher education expansionZhao, L. ; Sheng, S. 
827-Jun-2019Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill: Protests and ImplicationsZhao, Litao ; Qi, Dongtao ; Shan, Wei 
92008Legitimacy and private entrepreneurship in China's transitional economy, 1978-1996Xu, H.; Zhao, L. 
1015-Feb-2018Mobilization and Irregularity: Volatile Growth of Educational Expenditure in ChinaZhao Litao 
1126-Dec-2017Mobilizing Resources for Education: The 2012 `Great Leap? in a Province in Western ChinaLitao Zhao ; Ling Li; Chen Huang
12Feb-2010Reforming China's funding of compulsory education: Changes and their outcomesLitao, Z. 
13Mar-2007Returns to education in rural ChinaZhao, L. 
147-Apr-2020Social Resilience and the PandemicZhao, Litao ; Kong, Tuan Yuen 
1527-Feb-2020Wuhan's Combat Against Coronavirus: Making Mobilisation WorkZhao, Litao