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Chay Yue Wah
Chay, Y.-W.
Chay, Y.W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11994An Investigation of the Predictors and Outcomes of Career Commitment in Three Career StagesAryee, S. ; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
21996An investigation of the willingness of managerial employees to accept an expatriate assignmentAryee, S.; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
3Mar-1996Human resource management in the construction of regional tourist resorts : Singapore and RiauTeal, Gregory; Chay, Yue Wah 
4Jun-2005Justice perceptions and organizational attractiveness as a potential employerChia, Ho-Beng ; Chay, Yue-Wah ; Ng, Adrian Chuin-Li
5Jun-2005Motivating knowledge sharingHo, Beng Chia ; Kamdar, Dishan ; Nosworthy, Glenn J. ; Yue, Wah Chay 
61999Potential moderating influence of career growth opportunities on careerist orientation and work attitudes: Evidence of the protean career era in SingaporeChay, Y.-W. ; Aryee, S.
7Jun-2005Relinquishing the 'secret of fire' : the impact of incentives and self-monitoring on knowledge sharing in organizationsChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Dishan Kamdar; Yue-Wah Chay 
81993Social Support, Individual Differences and Well-Being: A Study of Small Business Entrepreneurs and EmployeesChay, Y.W. 
9Jun-2005Something in it for everyone : the neglected role of self-interest in organizational citizenship behaviorChia, Ho-Beng ; Dishan Kamdar; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay 
10Jun-2005The effects of validity and difficulty information on the perceptions of procedural justic and the attactiveness of an organization as a potential employerChia, Ho Beng ; Chay, Yue-Wah ; Lai, Yen Yen
111996The Motivation to Mentor among Managerial Employees: An Interactionist ApproachAryee, S.; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
12Jun-2005When the going gets tough : goals and goal orientation on returns, risk-taking and persistenceChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay ; Siok-Khoong Teo; Winston Sire-Wee Seow