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11997zLayer: Simulating depth with extended parallax scrollingHii, Desmond 
21996Workbench surface editor of brain cortical surfaceDow, Douglas E.; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Serra, Luis 
31997Work bench tools for registering patterns of the ono cerebral sulci atlasJose, K.R. ; Raghavan, R. ; Hern, Ng.; Mullick, R.
48-Jan-2019Which Body is Mine?Mona Ragab Sayed ; SIM MONG CHENG,TERENCE ; Joo-Hwee Lim ; Keng-Teck Ma 
52009Welcome message from general chairsTham, C.-K.; Foong, S.-B. 
6Dec-1999WebPHYLIP: A web interface to PHYLIPLim, A.; Zhang, L. 
7Jul-2002Wavelet-based image compression using classified interpolative vector quantizationBi, M.; Ong, S.H. ; Ang, Y.H. 
81998Volume-based tumor neurosurgery planning in the virtual workbenchGuan, Chua Gim; Serra, Luis ; Kockro, Ralf A.; Hern, Ng; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Chan, Chumpon
91996Volume morphing methods for landmark based 3D image deformationFang, S. ; Raghavan, R. ; Richtsmeier, J.T.
101993Volume modeling for orthopedic surgeryKankanhalli, Mohan S. ; Chun, Pong Yu; Krueger, Richard C.
11Mar-1992Visual user interface design toolsSingh, G. ; Green, M.
1321-Apr-2020Virtually-Extended Proprioception: Providing Spatial Reference in VR through an Appended Virtual LimbTian, Yang; Bai, Yuming; Zhao, Shengdong ; Fu, Chi-Wing; Yang, Tianpei; Heng, Pheng Ann 
14Apr-1997Virtual reality in interventional radiologyAnderson, J.; Raghavan, R. 
151993Virtual Aristotelean physicsPoston, Timothy ; Fairchild, Kim Michael 
161997VIMS: A Video Information Management SystemLee, J.C.-M. ; Li, Q.; Xiong, W.
171995Video parsing, retrieval and browsing: An integrated and content-based solutionZhang, H.J. ; Low, C.Y. ; Smoliar, S.W. ; Wu, J.H. 
181995Video parsing, indexing and retrieval systemZhang, H.J. ; Wu, J.H. ; Low, C.Y. ; Smoliar, S.W. 
19Mar-1995Video parsing and browsing using compressed dataZhang, Hongjiang ; Yong Low, Chien ; Smoliar, Stephen W. 
20May-2011Vascularised porcine liver model for surgical trainingChang, S.K.Y.; Lee, C.S.; Hlaing, W.W.; Chui, C.K.