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Serra Luis Del Molino
Serra, Luis
Serra, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-1991A model for integrating multimedia information around 3D graphics hierarchiesSerra, L. ; Chua, T.-S. ; Teh, W.-S. 
21995BrickNet: sharing object behaviors on the netSingh, Gurminder ; Serra, Luis ; Png, Willie; Wong, Audrey; Ng, Hern
3Aug-1997Designing virtual selectors for surgeonsSerra, L. ; Waterworth, J.A.
41996Dextrous Virtual workPoston, T. ; Serra, L. 
51993Heaven and earth virtual reality: designing applications for novice usersFairchild, Kim M. ; Lee, Beng Hai ; Loo, Joel; Ng, Hern; Serra, Luis 
61997Interactive vessel tracing in volume dataSerra, Luis ; Hern, Ng; Choon, Beng Chua; Poston, Timothy 
7Sep-1990Low-cost hardware platform for developing realtime 3D graphicsSerra, L. ; Rhodes, R.L.
8Sep-1991Model for integrating multimedia information around 3D graphics hierarchiesSerra, Luis ; Chua, Tat-Seng ; Teh, Wei-Shoong 
91997The Brain Bench: Virtual tools for stereotactic frame neurosurgerySerra, L. ; Nowinski, W.L. ; Poston, T. ; Hern, Ng.; Meng, L.C.; Guan, C.G.; Pillay, P.K.
10Jan-1996The graphics demands of virtual medicinePoston, T. ; Serra, L. ; Solaiyappan, M.; Heng, P.A. 
111998Volume-based tumor neurosurgery planning in the virtual workbenchGuan, Chua Gim; Serra, Luis ; Kockro, Ralf A.; Hern, Ng; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Chan, Chumpon
121996Workbench surface editor of brain cortical surfaceDow, Douglas E.; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Serra, Luis