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Title: Multifunctional PEGylated nanoclusters for biomedical applications
Authors: Peng, E.
Choo, E.S.G.
Tan, C.S.H.
Tang, X. 
Sheng, Y.
Xue, J. 
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2013
Citation: Peng, E., Choo, E.S.G., Tan, C.S.H., Tang, X., Sheng, Y., Xue, J. (2013-07-05). Multifunctional PEGylated nanoclusters for biomedical applications. Nanoscale 5 (13) : 5994-6005. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: A simple and versatile synthesis method to form water soluble multifunctional nanoclusters using polyethylene glycol (PEG) functionalized poly(maleic anhydride-alt-1-octadecene) amphiphilic brush copolymers (PMAO-g-PEG) was presented. Simply by tuning the core size and the initial nanocrystal concentration, manganese ferrite nanoparticles (MFNPs) were used to demonstrate the versatility of tuning the loading amount of the nanoclusters. The resultant nanoclusters were found to have a well-controlled spherical shape. When Zn-doped AgInS2 quantum dots (AIZS QDs) were loaded together with the MFNP nanocrystals, bi-functional nanoclusters with fluorescent and magnetic behaviors were obtained. Such bi-functional nanoclusters were also successfully demonstrated for cellular bio-imaging. Moreover, the presence of another type of nanocrystals together with MFNPs was found to have a negligible effect on the overall properties of the nanoclusters as demonstrated by the MR relaxivity test. From the time-dependent colloidal stability test, it was found that the presence of the PEG chain grafted onto PMAO was able to reduce protein adsorption onto the nanocluster surface. An in vitro study on NIH/3T3 demonstrated the biocompatibility of the nanoclusters. Such biocompatible and colloidally stable nanoclusters with an approximate size of 80-120 nm were suitable for both MRI and cell labeling applications. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
Source Title: Nanoscale
ISSN: 20403364
DOI: 10.1039/c3nr00774j
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