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Title: New developments in Schottky source/drain high-k/metal gate CMOS transistors
Authors: Li, M.-F. 
Lee, S. 
Zhu, S. 
Li, R.
Chen, J. 
Chin, A. 
Kwong, D.L.
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Li, M.-F.,Lee, S.,Zhu, S.,Li, R.,Chen, J.,Chin, A.,Kwong, D.L. (2005). New developments in Schottky source/drain high-k/metal gate CMOS transistors. Proceedings - Electrochemical Society PV 2005-05 : 301-302. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Recent developments in Schottky source/drain high-k/metal gate CMOS transistors (SSDT) will be presented. Bulk SSDTs with 1.5-2 nm HfO2 (or HfAlO) gate dielectric and HfN/TaN metal gate have been fabricated using a novel low temperature process. The Si N-SSDT using YbSi2-x suicide, due to the lower Schottky electron barrier of YbSi2.x/Si, has demonstrated a record high Ion/Ioff ratio of ∼10 7 and a steep subthreshold slope of 75 mV/dec. For P-SSDT, the Si SSDT using PtSi silicide S/D shows excellent Ion/Ioff of ∼ 107-108 and subthreshold slope of ∼ 66 mV/dec, while the Ge SSDT using NiGe S/D shows Ion ∼ 5 times larger than that of the Si counterpart with PtSi S/D, due to the lower hole Schottky barrier and the higher hole mobility of Ge channel. The implant-free low temperature process relaxes the thermal budget of high-k dielectric and metal gate Fermi pinning. More improved performances are expected by using ultra-thin-body (UTB) SOI or GOI structures, showing great potential of this low temperature process SSDTs for future sub-tenth micron CMOS technology.
Source Title: Proceedings - Electrochemical Society
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