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Title: The role of BLNK, DOK-3 & DIP in BCR signaling
Authors: TAN EN-LIN, JOY
Keywords: BCR, B cell antigen receptor; BLNK, B cell linker protein; Dok-3, downstream of tyrosine kinase –3 DIP, Dok-interacting protein
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2004
Citation: TAN EN-LIN, JOY (2004-12-10). The role of BLNK, DOK-3 & DIP in BCR signaling. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Engagement of the BCR leads to various cellular responses in B cells. Adaptor proteins were found to be responsible for co-ordinating activated upstream PTKs with downstream signaling events. In this study, we demonstrate the role of both a positive adaptor protein, BLNK and also that of a negative adaptor protein known as Dok-3 in B cell signaling. BLNK is necessary for NF-kappa B and PLCgamma 2 activation through BCR, but not necessary for activating MAPKs, Btk and Atk. On the other hand, Dok-3 acts in an inhibitory manner by localising to the lipid rafts with SHIP, only upon FcgammaRIIB (an inhibitory receptor) activation, and interacting with a novel apoptotic molecule termed DIP.
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